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July 25 2011

Charisma Carpenter comments on the Buffy reboot. She's still not in favour, to put it mildly.

"Leave it alone." Good on her! And I like that she said it was insulting to not include Joss.

And why do you need a new version of something to attract new fans? People are still coming into Buffy all these years later - my mother started watching it on Netflix this January.

Oh, and they forgot to mention Tony's against it, too.
And the ongoing search for someone not named Kuzui who is in favor of this film continues...
And after we have found that person ( even though technically it's not six tasks ) we can go for breakfast at Milliways .
It seems to me that Joss has been very carefully not publicly calling the idea to reboot a terrible one. He's made fun of it, but he's been very definitely taking the high road in his public comments.
I think joss probably wants Buffy to live on. Just not, ya know, yet. For every generation, a Slayer is born.
I expect he is just being diplomatic. He may well have to ask for money from executives who are involved with the Buffy reboot, whereas the actors from the TV series probably won't.

I can imagine he is quite upset by what this could potentially do to the Buffy name, if it goes against the ideals of the show or is simply bad. It's particular unpleasant when his vision of the Buffy-verse is ongoing in comic book form.

Charisma Carpenter says pretty much my own feelings on it. I just can't see it as anything more than a project to make money from; something that one studio execs thought would be a good idea, rather than someone on the creative side of the industry thinking they had something to say with the universe. I imagine the main draw for a reinvention of Buffy was to have a new franchise (or worse, something to make nothing but a quick buck) for when Twilight comes to end.
The idea's obviously a cynical steaming pile of a cash grab from talent-free people still trying to make a buck in Hollywood with the only project of worth that their name has ever been attached to. There, I said it so Joss can continue to be classy and not say it.

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