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July 26 2011

Sarah Michelle Gellar's sexy new 'Ringer' ad. The poster that will be used for CW's marketing campaign on billboards, buses, and magazines.

Now that is some serious sideboob right there.
They also recast her stepdaughter , Juilet

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@robin claire - I read "sideboob" as "sidebob". I check the picture and went all, "well, her haircut isn't a bob." and then I saw the sideboob.
Honestly, the first thing I noticed -- and consequently stared at -- was her gorgeous face. Both of them. The ~sideboob isn't really drawing attention to itself in an annoyingly gratuitous way (as it usually does).

So, eh. Not bovvered.
As a primitive manapething that thinks of sideboob as a per se value-add, I noticed her face first as well, particularly the eyes. And the general concept, since I always like images of non-corresponding reflections. But some side never made anything worse :)
I love it, it's rather Dollhouse-esque isn't it?
Wow, right between the series name and date/time. Also her shoulder right there behind the series name. You have to admit the placement is masterful. Though I'm not sure how I feel about it really. It feels a little too much like I'm looking down her dress.
Actually, first thing I noticed was the fact that one of the city lights in the background looks unfortunately like a period due to its placement, and I consequently read it as

The Ultimate. Double Cross.

Only after being annoyed about that did I notice the sideboob. I'm a weird person.
Yeah - if it were a little lower - ie. not closer to the the center of the frame than her face(s) - it would be a little less strange-looking imo (granted then you'd loose the 'different angles/distance perspectives but same eye level' effect I assume they were going for, so...)
Did no one else notice the Eye of Sauron in the background?

Side-boob is an unfortunate side (oi) effect of that particular style of dress. Take it from someone who works in a drive-thru - there are FAR worse angles to observe boobage from. (Not that I observe. I lean out the window to collect money, and there boobs are.)
I'd have to disagree with you, Shadowquest. I think it is a very fortunate side effect.
Oh good gawd.
Ha! The Eye of Sauron is pretty great.

I hope this show lives up to it's potential. I really like the premise and could see it going beyond one season though I'm afraid of the CW demographic and whether or not tweens/teens are the right crowd.
The worst thing about that poster is that the mirror image is one big, breathtaking and horrifying Photoshop disaster.
@luv4whedon, trust me I know lots of people not tweens/teens that love the shows on CW and I am many years past the senior citizen age. CW is my network of choice and this fall there will be 6 shows on my DVR. Never been a fan of SMG, but this show looks interesting. I am wondering if y'all are not 12 year old boys, my gosh turn on your TV and see more boob than this poster has.
You know, in today's Rebecca Black / Hannah Montana tweeny fetishist society, it's refreshing that a 34-year-old Gellar can still draw a crowd with some serious side-boob action.
How times have changed. I was recently reading trivia about the Star Trek episode "What Are Little Girls Made Of" (45 years ago, how time flies!). Sherry Jackson's attire is a *huge* draw for this episode. :-) The censor's would not allow side-boob action, so the claim is they used Shatner's toupee tape to make sure her outfit was sealed on the side.
Who cares about the side-boob. I want the diamond ring.
All the awards to madmolly's comment :)

Didn't even notice the sideboob till I saw y'all's comments.

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