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July 27 2011

Malcolm Reynolds voted top sci-fi icon of the 21st Century. The top 100 characters can be seen in the new SFX magazine special. Buffy and Spike came fourth and fifth.

I can live with that.
Good on the UK fans!
I found the press release so I changed the link.
I believe the technical term for this is "domination." It's a good feeling.
I disagreed with Serenity getting the top spot for best sci-fi film, but this is legit. Congrats to everyone involved.
We had the poll back in April, that's quick turn around in getting the mag out.
Totally deserved. Mal is one of the best characters ever. I miss my Captain... (I know it sounds gay, but it shouldn't!)
A century thats only 10 years old?
'...of the 21st Century so far'?
Go Mal, go Buffy, go Spike!
Well this is getting a lot of play on my Facebook page. Always a surprise to see who among my friends are Whedonites.
Three Whedonverse characters in the top ten, that's terrific. Does anyone know what other of our characters were on the list?
Others Whedonverse characters on the list :

#11 River Tam
#16 Cameron (Summer Glau in TSCC)
#18 Jayne Cobb

then i stopped because the list is too long ;)

Complete list : Summer Glau Wiki
as well as...

72. Wesley Windham-Price
86. Captain John Hart (James Marsters) from Torchwood

That's incredibly inspiring! Out of 100, 10 are either from Whedonverse or played by the actors discovered by Joss.

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