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July 27 2011

Nick Brendon surprises Tony Head at Comic Con. (SLYT) Will brighten up your day.

Posted this in the comments earlier, but I think it warrants its own thread.

It made my day.
Heh. Now it's gonna be posted to Facebook AND Twitter. Twice.

Didn't ASH tell David Walliams he'd never kissed a bloke before when they were filming Little Britain?. Well, he's got used to it quickly, or he was telling porkies.
It's always reassuring to my preferred sense of the world when these things are so clearly heartfelt.
This is just the cutest. I went "awwww". Loudly. If I'd have been in a room with people, they would have stared.
I think that's the sweetest thing I've seen today!
Definitely used the replay button for this - several times!
First the look on Tony's face when he walked in and saw Nicky, then the HUGE bear hug, and the look on Bradley's face (He told Tony when they first met that he was a huge "Buffy" fan)...what a moment.

I wonder - did Tony & Sarah get a chance to meet up?

Oh, and does anyone know what Nicky was there for?
That brightened my day!
Wasn't that great? Special thanks to person who took this.
It definitely deserved its own thread and multiple postings through the several social channels.
Completely heartwarming.
It absolutely made my day too, after having read so many unpleasant comments about Nick for far too long on the 'Net - I already posted at Facebook about the video but I can add that is not a Buffy cast member disliked by a colleague. Oh please, hug again, hug again!

ETA a tweet post by Emma Caulfield 28 minutes ago (some nice symmetry of Anya, Xander, Giles and the real-life counterparts):

Having dinner with Tony Head right now. Guy is a legend.
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Thankyou for that. Its put a smile on my face which I needed as Im now off to work.

We need a Scoobies reunion!
Emma posted a picture too. Lovely.
Caroline Aww!

I just love how they all try to stay in touch, and are excited to see each other again.

Joss really does pick the best people!

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