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July 27 2011

Top 10 funniest Buffy moments. A different list than I would put together, but still worth a look.

So it's more "funniest episodes" rather than "funniest moments", which makes choosing additions to the list easier. Halloween and The Zeppo spring to mind as funny episodes. There's also the swap with Buffy and Faith in Who are you and, if I had to pick a scene from the episodes on the list, I'd be tempted by Buffy's encounter with her friends in the library in Earshot.
Xander-centric episodes were usually pretty funny, so I would agree with Night On My Side that The Zeppo was one of the best and should have been on the list. Band Candy was mentioned but not included either, surely a funny "moment" or two in there with Giles and Joyce acting like delinquents? But hey, these lists are always subjective, so .......
I agree. Band Candy and The Zeppo should have been on the list.
Yeah, no Band Candy??? And Pangs?
For moments of course, the slide show in "Hush," with its pantomimes is one of the funniest sequences.
Who can forget "Never Kill a Boy on a First Date" when Owen gives Buffy his expensive pocket watch, as Xander looks down at his cheapo Tweetie Bird watch!
I find "Gone" HILARIOUS. I know I am in the minority.
It's a good list, but I'm with palehorse on Pangs for sheer broad humor mixed with the serious theme of respect for Native Americans. The photo I'm linking below is, for me, the icing on the Pangs cake. I laugh like a drain, every.time I see the episode and that look down the table after Buffy finds out Angel was in town. It just takes my breath away they are all pretty much having the same thought, by their expressions:

Pangs dinner table oh, crap looks
You may be in the minority, Charmuse, but you're not alone. I enjoy "Gone" a lot. The scene of four invisible people fighting might even make my top 10 funniest moments list, were I to take the trouble to come up with one.
It's more the one liners for me that are the funniest. I'll never forget the only time my mother laughed at Buffy when in Out of Mind, Out of Sight Xander says, re. guy being hit by a floating baseball bat, "Maybe it was a vampire bat".

I also have a lot of love for Anya's "I have finesse coming out of my bottom". Well, I guess there's loads of lines that make me laugh actually.

Episode wise Beer Bad and Pangs do it for me.
They forgot the mummy-hand, hilarious!
Since this seems to be more of a funniest episodes than moments list, really doesn't seem like Earshot should be on there. Though I must say, the scene at the end when Buffy says 'You know, if you're not too busy having sex with my mother!' and poor Giles runs into the tree... That scene kills me every time. Or rather... slays me perhaps...
More love for Pangs! The best part about it is how it is, at the end of the day, a by-the-numbers Thanksgiving special! Only, you know, Buffy style.

Too many funny lines and moments in Buffy to make a short list!

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