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July 27 2011

Why Joss Whedon almost didn't take on The Avengers. Great interview over at at io9.

This is a great interview. Marvel need to put a featurette out there next year with joss explaining that last bit - about how this team shouldn't even exist together - as that's a really kickass pitch. In fact I'd play on that as my trailer pitch, 'cos it differentiates itself from other superhero movies.

PS: I'm 99.999% sure joss meant Cobe, not Kobe. As in Cobie Smulders, not the basketball player.

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I got a huge crazy grin on my face at that last question, when he started talking about how that totally dysfunctional group of people is exactly the definition of a family.

I don't know whether it was the recording or something weird with my computer, but the whole thing had a weird, annoying echo, which at least had the amusing side-effect of making Joss sound extra dramatic.
Very excellent interview.
Sometimes, you just can't help but less-than-three this man. "These are my people!"

ETA: 21,200,000 people thought of that joke before me? Google sucks.

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And I am always reminded of that awesome interview that Joss gave around the time of the promotion for Serenity, about found families. That's still my definition of family.

Great interview, definitely one of the highlights from SDCC2011.
Excellent interview, strange comment thread (on the interview site, not here).
Some people do get hung up on Joss's dialogue. Actually, some people seem to think Buffy-speak represents all of his dialogue. I can understand finding it annoying, it's definitely a matter of personal preference, but as I see it it's also a matter of context. If BtVS had completely realistic average teen speak, it would have been completely unwatchable, so a stylized banter served as a substitute. In my opinion a very effective and entertaining substitute, but I can see how some people would be put off by it. However, I hardly think that's relevant to The Avengers.
I find it kind of annoying that so many people assume Joss can only write in "Buffy-speak." I understand it, because that's also how he talks, but that doesn't mean he writes dialogue like that when it's not appropriate. I don't remember anything like that in Firefly, for instance.

But, back to the topic at hand, yes, this is an excellent interview. He's talked about how The Avengers are like a disfunctional family before, but this is the first time he's really explained it in a way that made me really excited. Woo!
I could listen to the man speak about the true meaning of family for hours. I just can't believe how insightful that connection is to the Avengers. Must be why Marvel's paying him the big bucks! And I know I've never even seen the man live in person but when I see him geeking out over something he's passionate for and we know will be huge, I can't help but feel proud of him. Awesome. :)
Yea, totally love his spin on The Avengers as family. He takes what many would see as the biggest obstacle to assembling these characters in a watchable movie, and makes it into their greatest strenth. Beautiful.

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