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July 27 2011

TV Guide interviews Marti Noxon. Another Comic-Con interview, this time the focus is on Glee but many Buffy references, particularly as related to the Willow-Tara and Brittany-Santana relationships.

This isn't even posted on the TV Guide site that I can find although Yahoo! attributes it to them. Perhaps it's from the magazine? The published date given is actually after the posted time of the first comment.

Oh wow, I missed the fact she was getting involved! I'd just heard of Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa since that was right around the time the Spider-Man musical finally debuted for real. I know he's a playwright too but it was mostly his comic book stuff I really enjoyed.

Then it's nice to hear that Noxon might be aboard since even if some of the dramatic directions Buffy took were not fan favorites, they still showed some consistency which was one of the biggest irks that made me stop watching Glee just a few episodes from the big season two finale.
Noxon is great. Season Six actually holds up really well, even if it was a bit out there. Shame to see her considerable talents being wasted on Glee; the emptiest show on the telly box.
Love Marti; love that she loves Brittany (although, who doesn't?). I thought her comments on the writers' room were particularly interesting. Glee's not actually hurting for creativity, it just needs more people in the room to temper Ryan Murphy and co's crazier (read: awfuller) ideas.
Glee the emptiest show on television? Not even close. The opposite extreme (hyperbole anyone?) makes more sense:

Glee is the only show on television that matters.

Love that Marti Noxon is bringing her talents to this show.
Link no longer works.
Seems ok at my end.
Looks like yahoo has decided that my ISP at work is up to no good. Hilarious if you know where I work. :)
That's why I tried to find a TV Guide link. Even though it's still there (for me anyway) I don't know how long omg-yahoo! keeps these things up.

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