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July 28 2011

(SPOILER) First teaser trailer for The Avengers. It comes at the very end of the Captain America clip.

I'm a little surprised this is being shot 1.85:1.
That's not the entirety of what is at the end of the Cap America Movie.

It's also not necessarily shot 1:85. Certainly could be, but the format of that teaser doesn't make it so.

I honestly don't recall if it was 1.85 at the end of Cap or not. Though I feel I would have noticed if the sides were cropped (2.35 screen and all)

Both Hellboy's were shot 1.85. It's a choice.

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Seems a bit odd to release the end of the movie. But The Avengers clip was nice.
I actually thought the stinger at the end of Captain America was very strange. It was weird how it started off being a nice coda to the movie but then suddenly jumped to a teaser for The Avengers. I've liked how the previous stingers in all the other move gently teased the next film, but to just see clips from it... seems weird and overkill-y. Aside from that, it WAS really cool to see a first glimpse at the movie.
Both Hellboy's were shot 1.85. It's a choice.

'Course it is, and 1.85 isn't automatically 'bad.' It's just a shock as Serenity was 2.35:1, as has been every Marvel Studios film.
It could always simply be a matter of this is what they were releasing this online, where 2.35:1 isn't the norm, so they edited/cropped appropriately.

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Apparently some people were complaining about the way Thor throws his hammer but I think it looks fine? Disclaimer: I haven't seen Thor yet.
Yeah the one they actually showed after the movie was a little longer, mostly quick shots of action, nothing substantial.
@JoshWeaton smokes crack and worships Satan, is the only way to explain the raw awesomeness of the Avengers trailer!
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@spikevalentined thanks! I swear, I'm clean.
I so can't wait for the next holiday so I can finally get that account.
I didn't want to post this story, since I felt the trailer was such a great surprise. As a comic nerd and a Joss Whedon devotee, this whole event is huge for me. I've looked forward to the sting in all of these films, so I when the last sting before The Avengers ended up being a surprise, action-packed trailer, I was ecstatic. It was a brilliant experience for someone in my position and I'm likely going to see Cap again this Tuesday, that trailer being a major reason why. I just wonder if Joss had some influence in getting the trailer there.
Just like they did with Thor, Captain America is only being brought to the theatres in 3D where I live. 3D makes me nauseous and gives me headaches; so I can't go see Cap in cinema. I'm just hoping that they will release The Avengers in 2D.
Write to the cinema and request it, Allycat.
Seems to me this is not a teaser for The Avengers. It's a teaser for the Avengers teaser.

That is all.
That's the first new Whedonverse footage in around 540 days.
What about the post-credit scene at the end of Thor, Simon?
eddy I completely forgot about that.
The Dark Shape, I don't think anyone suggested 1.85 might be bad. I was disagreeing that there should be any element of surprise or shock even if it is 1.85, but especially because it may very well not be. Obviously i can't disagree that you were surprised, so I suppose I've spoken up where i shouldn't have, my apologies.

B!X, I alluded to the same, though the fact that it is specifically 1.85 in a 1.77 window does take a bit of air outta those sails. Why so specific a crop?

Next person that sees Cap America let us know if this teaser fits the screen or is cropped on the sides.

I'd shoot it 2.35 so that I could fit everyone next to each other in the frame better! :)
Tony Stark is wearing a Black Sabbath tee shirt. Won't Steve Rogers be impressed. *Grins with gleeful anticipation.*
Is Joss pitching Tony Stark as his Xander/Wash type character?
Not currently being much of a Comics Gal, and as a kid steeped only in the DC stuff - because that's what my boy cousin had - I've been, if not lukewarm, then only sortof excited about this, and that mainly 'cause of Joss.

But watching this, I got excited to see it, I really did. Maybe it was a failure of imagination on my part before this trailer, but I suddenly get how this could be Jossomely Josstacular.

The trailer at the end of CA was longer, with a bunch of action clips. At the theater I saw it in, the guy collecting tickets told everyone to make sure we wait for the surprise at the end of the credits. It was great seeing something that was truly Joss's work on screen again - even if it was all too brief.

And we are fortunate the theater gives us the option NOT to see films in 3D. I also get migraines from them - and IMAX makes me so sick, it causes me to vomit. I only know one person who likes 3D movies. The rest avoid them if there is a choice.
Everyone, keep in mind, Joss got to look at this script and "touch it up" for continuity, so even though it isn't a Joss Whedon film, it does have a bit of him.

bobw1o: I remember the trailer being cropped at the sides. And it is a trailer, in my opinion, given how much we were shown. A short trailer, just a little longer than a TV spot, but still would qualify for a trailer. Anyway, I noticed the sides were cut off after the sting. I thought maybe this footage would be used in other media, maybe?
"The Avengers" teaser in theaters certainly wasn't 2.35:1 but it had a slightly wider aspect ratio than the teaser preview.

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Wow. That was short. And still fun :).

I'd really like to know which parts of Captain America Joss touched up, by the way. I have yet to see the movie (which is why I skipped straight to the trailer here ;)), but I wonder if we'd recognize them. Probably not though, 'cause I also had no clue at the time that the after-the-credits scene in Thor was whedonesque :).
There are lines in the film that scream Joss.
I agree. There are clearly recognizable flashes of Joss's great dialogue. They are especially noticeable in comparison to some of the other tired old action movie cliches, which are recognizably NOT Joss.
Captain America has a big heart and captured mine, and I thought I detected some signs of Joss in the way the script probed what it means to be a hero.

The ticket seller actually *warned* me it was in 3D, but that's how I wanted to see it, and I found the right place to sit (dead center) for a fully immersive movie experience. I find with 3D movies if I sit too far back it's like peering at a diorama. With Captain America, I think 3D heightened both the realism and the theatricality. I hope Hollywood will perfect this device rather than discard it.

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I don't have a problem with films shot in the format, but post-conversion 3D (like Captain America) is worthless.
The version of the film I saw in 3D, but the teaser was in 2D and didn't use the entire screen (like the film did) so although I'm not down with the tech lingo - does that mean anything or was that just my local theatre being stupid?

I also hate the fact they released this teaser. The CA stinger was far better. And less spoilery.
Just came to post everything Jaymii just said.

Also, joss clearly rewrote the bookends of certain scenes. And possibly that last few scenes.
MTV has some nice still frames.
I don't like 3D at the best of times and will be seeing Captain America in 2D (this afternoon, in fact.) It doesn't add anything to the experience and just takes away brightness, whilst excluding a large proportion of the audience who can't see it or gives headaches to.

Wherein actual 3D films it is tolerable for me, in post-conversions it actually looks awful. I went to see the final Potter at the BFI IMAX at Waterloo and, besides the awesomeness of the humongous screen, the 3D was just horrid. I certainly will not be seeing any 3D conversion film again after that and I'll be trying to avoid any 3D version of films from now on. I doubt it will be an issue though; I doubt there will be many more 3D films released, given the ever descending takings from it.

Christopher Nolan has it right. IMAX is what the industry should be pushing, not 3D.

Edit: Just come back from the film. Pretty great actually and definitely featured a bucket load of Whedon within it. The teaser is very much a teaser, unfortunately, without very much dialogue, but worth hanging around for.

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