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July 29 2011

Trailer for 'Insight' featuring Adam Baldwin. Check out the trailer for the supernatural thriller "Insight," co-starring our very own Adam Baldwin as well as two other thesps familiar to the Whedonverse (without looking at the cast list, see if you can spot them in the trailer).

I think I spotted and .
If you did it without looking at the cast list, nice going (especially on the former as it is a very quick shot).
As much as I love Natalie Zea, it's a little painful when you can figure out the whole movie from the trailer. Pass.
Spotted both! :) Though I must admit the female was far easier to place. As Eliot Spencer (Christian Kane) would say, "She has a very distinctive face."
weirdest thing is they probably never met on any of joss's sets
Couldn't get it to play a second time, but it looks as if Adam has third billing and a scene with Natalie Zea in his bunk. Not bad.

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