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January 14 2004

(SPOILER) Herc's seen the first Angel of 2004.

Sorry AlterLeo got to keep those spoilers (albeit very small ones out of the subject line).

If I can't find a review of tonight's episode, I'll be removing this spoiler tag at around 11.15pm PST (i.e. when I round to having coffee in the morning in the UK) so the unspoiled can comment without fear of being spoiled for any future episodes.
Personally I'd give it a slightly higher rating than Herc. Sure, it didn't advance the overarching plotlines much, but it was one heckuva standalone episode. Worth it alone for the best catfight scene since Harmony and Xander's second-grade style girlyfight in the BtVS season four episode, "The Initiative".
I give it three stars -- nothing really happened, and I am disturbed by the attempt to make us care for Harmony. She's like Spike, but without any goal of love or redemption or even ambition to giver her some meaning. It was nice to have the show back, though.
Well, I think it was established that she's really too dumb to be evil. That's what I took from it. But that's just me.

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