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July 29 2011

Interview with Joss, Jessica Neuwirth of Equality Now and The One True b!X. The brief interview starts at 48:00, and was conducted by Atom Freeman (the event's M.C) backstage at the June 2011 Can't Stop the Serenity held in L.A. by the SoCal Browncoats.

It's short but pretty damn good.

Go to 49:54, because these guys are really pretty dull and you don't want to sit through the whole thing (which I tried to do, but I just couldn't.... sorry, I don't want to offend them, their friends or family! LOL). But I really appreciated seeing the Joss/Jessica/b!x interview!
That Joss guy is neat, Jessica stole the interview though. And who was that dude on the right? Why was he even there? What has he ever done?

Nobutreally, great job B!X, from humble if selfish beginnings (often the best types of beginnings), you've helped create something pretty damn amazing.
Congrats b!x. You should be very proud.
Excellent comments by the people I could hear. Unfortunately, Freeman was right in saying there were issues with sound conditions, which were somehow (!) perfect for him. I had both my computer's and the vidplayer's sound turned all the way up and still could barely hear Jessica.

Perhaps something at a table would've been better, instead of the three people we wanted to hear scrunched up on a too-deep couch. I felt sorry for Jessica, she looked a bit uncomfortable.
Yeah, setting the mike/sound up so that it was perfect for the interviewer, not the interviewees was a bad move. I loved watching Joss as b!X spoke, especially when he explained why it got started.

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