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July 29 2011

(SPOILER) Grimm similar in feel to early Angel? io9's Charlie Jane Anders reviews the pilot for David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf's new NBC fantasy-horror-procedural-hybrid "Grimm," and compares it to the beginnings of "Angel" which, to her, is not exactly high praise.

I actually really like early Angel. I don't think it's as good as the show would become, but Doyle, Cordelia, and Angel himself all made for a really charming and fun team. Those episodes get written off too easily, I think.

I think Grimm as a TV series could turn into something pretty fun and I'll be giving it a shot, but Grimm as a TV pilot didn't work for me.
Season 1 of Angel was my favorite until Spike showed up in 5. The way NBC is putting this show on Friday against 2 other syfy shows(Supernatural & Fringe) that I watch is going to be the death of Grimm and I will have to set my 2nd DVR to record it. Am betting it will not make a full season and that will be a shame, want more syfy on TV.

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I thought S1 Angel was fun, but it had some kinda lame episodes.
Season 1 and 2 of Angel are my favorites of any Whedon show. That's all I wanted to add.
As with all new sci-fi (not to be bitchy, but that's how you spell it regardless of how the network spells it), Angel's first season had great things and not so great things. I hope the show gets some time to develop. This is one of the shows I'm more curious about for next season.
To rehabber and Mitholas: I would respectfully argue that "Grimm" is much more fantasy than sci-fi, but to each their own definition(s) of the genres and/or terms.
I really disliked Season One of ANGEL. For two reasons. First, I hated the monster of the week format. And I thought the regular cast was too thin. I think it got a lot better once they added Gunn and the Host (only later to be called Lorne). And then really kicked into gear with the addition of Fred. For me the show crested in Season Three, until Connor came back as a teen and Cordelia went on vacation.

And that is why I'm worried about GRIMM. I rarely like freak of the week episodes. Disliked it on FRINGE early on and on other shows as well. But I'm definitely going to give it a try, though it will be on DVR. I'm watching CHUCK and FRINGE live on Fridays.
Angel S1 wasn't bad, it just had the unfortunate drawback of having a few truely bad episodes. It was bad in the same way Buffy S1 was bad, it was mostly a set up season. But in my honest opinion, this reaction seems to be pretty common in that Sci-fi/fantasy veterans are waiting for the the serial to start while the show runners are trying to acclimate everyone else.

That said, I loved Hero, Somnambulist, I've Got You Under My Skin, the Kate Lockley charecter arc (even if there were bad episodes in it), and the stretch run was compelling.

I do actually wonder (if we're talking thin cast in S1 and I'm wildly speculating) if S1 was the first run through Paul Ballard land. Perhaps Rohm was eventually supposed to be a cast member, but while her story was being developed she didn't fit in enough to be named cast. Yet her arc was dovetailing towards the supernatural. As we know, she left the show for Law & Order so its hard to know. As a reaction, I wonder if Tahmoh was named cast and put in every episode in Dollhouse to prevent a similar situation.

S2-S3 have the benefit of being set up by prior seasons of Buffy as well as the stretch run of Angel S1. Angel S5 IMO is its own thing entirely, but feels more like Buffy than Angel which for some people is a good thing, but for me it was not since I liked what made both shows different. I think in some ways it gets a bump in ratings simply because it followed S4.

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I'd like to support Grimm, but Supernatural & Fringe have to come first for me.

In addition, I think that NBC is really handicapping Grimm by waiting to premier it until October 21st. At that point, I'd imagine that most people will already be following another show(s) instead.
It was bad in the same way Buffy s1 was bad

You know, I've recently been doing a rewatch of Buffy (just watched Killed By Death,) and I actually thought S1 was better than the first half of S2. Bar the obvious episodes ('Teacher's Pet' and 'I Robot, You Jane',) I thought everything else in the season was excellent. There also seemed to be a fair amount of progression with the characters, or, at least, you got to know more about the characters with each episode. Compare that to the start of season 2, where Buffy spends most of the time pining for Angel, Xander is jealous of Buffy, Willow stands around oblivious to Oz and Cordelia stands hanging out with the Scoobies suddenly with no real tension between her old friends, it just feels as if there isn't much progression happening, with everything stuck until the big event of Surprise/Innocence.

This re-watch is going to be complete Buffyverse in broadcast order, so I'll be interested to see how I feel about Angel S1, when I come to it. I've never been overly fond of it really and never thought the show hit its stride until the Darla arc of S2.

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