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July 31 2011

Buffyverse references in early episode of What The Fuck is Wrong With You. Nash is an Internet comedian whose show WTFIWWY showcases the very questionable side of human behavior. In this early episode and commentary, there are three overt Whedon-related references.

The references are a Spike poster, a picture of Eliza Dushku, and a Whedon name drop in the commentary.

Other TGWTG contributors who have made Buffy references include Obscurus Lupa (through posters, jokes and reviews of the BtVS movie and Beer Bad) Linkara (through occasional references) and Todd in the Shadows (through a Dark Willow reference at the end of a recent Transformers 3 vlog with Team Nostalgia Chick).
Other notable past Whedon-related moments from TGWTG and BT are Spoony's legendary Party Mania board game video parody (starring a young Jewel Staite) and Angry Joe's VGA 2010 red carpet Felicia Day interview/nerdgasm.

Then just don't, rather than comment about it, thanks.
Sorry, Sunfire, but that's all just a bunch of words. Why couldn't it have just been "Buffy references in an episode of" name of show, and then "The references are a Spike poster, a picture of Eliza and a Whedon name-drop in the commentary"? Why does there need to be this rather lengthy explanation of who the one-named comedian is, what their act consists of, and then a huge list of they are that have also made mention?

I'm all for sharing the love, don't get me wrong, but this is, in my opinion, overload. And I still don't know what those other initials stand for.
Makes me think of this...
Because the post was originally deleted due to insufficient exposition.

So I reposted it with a lot more info. Some of which was then edited out by admin, namely the following:

" is a Channel Awesome-owned internet video entertainment network where the content is created by geeks, for geeks. Much of it comes in the form of review-based comedy and comedy-based reviews. The site has through its use of comedic characters and frequent crossovers gathered a relatively large fanbase (spawning a wiki, tons of memes, and plenty of fanfic and fanart), and it and its gaming-centric sister-site have (due to their geek-reference-heavy content) been linked here on Whedonesque at least a couple of times in the past."
I deleted the original because it was difficult to understand if you aren't familiar with the linked site, not because it was insufficiently encyclopedic. It was about the framing, that was all. I thought this version was better enough to keep, although I did trim some of the less useful details.

Shadowquest, tl;dr always comes across as rather rude to me. If you have any other comments for me please take them to email.

In conclusion, let's talk about what's in the post rather than the post now. Any other comments on the deletion should also be taken to email.
Its really not something I like seeing on a Sunday morning. Last I checked, this isn't an "Adult Advisory" board/blog.
Yeah, I don't mind the profanity, but it raised my eyebrows too.
Honestly who gives a fuck? We are here because we love Joss Whedon. This isn't facebook. If it doesn't have to do with Joss Whedon then who cares what somebody is saying?
IMO, the people at Channel Awesome deserve to get some recognition here because they're geeks making entertainment at low, often no budgets, distributing it online for free and managing through ads to monetize it to some extent (something Joss has been on record several times in the last four years saying people should be using the Internet for), and some of them occasionally show love for Joss's work.
I personally think it's fabulous.
I may be ignorant, but what even is tl;dr? If it is okay to ask?
.12 second google, Dana. I didn't know what it meant either.
Ah. As opposed to - too short, didn't understand. (Yeah, I had to google it.)
I spent years thinking it meant something to do with loading tape...
Ah, yeah, got it.

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