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August 01 2011

No more about tv shows being turned into movies. Vulture's Margaret Lyons condemns the never-ending talk of TV series possibly being considered for feature film adaptation or spin-off, and (not surprisingly) brings up "Firefly" as a key example.

Having been around for a million "we're trying to make a Veronica Mars/Arrested Development/Gilmore Girls/..." declarations, I can kinda agree with this article. I think a venture like Serenity only happens once in a lifetime. And don't forget that even Serenity made a loss (although I suspect dvd sales may have made up for it some).
If Joss was sitting around saying "I want to make Serenity 2" and not doing anything else, I'd agree with this. But that's not the case; he's busy, all the actors are busy. Last I heard they were given a go on the Arrested Development movie and working on a script (not that it couldn't still get killed), so I'm not sure that's the best example of this.

Anyway, the article seems to say "hope is stupid unless it immediately pays off". I don't think Serenity 2 is ever going to happen, but it makes the world slightly more shiny to think that it MIGHT. But I don't get bitter easily, so perhaps I'm in the minority here.
She's wrong. We need to keep badgering these studios and show them our love. I desperately want a Veronica Mars movie just as badly now as I did when the series went off the air. I'd even settle for a straight-to-dvd affair. Just give us what we want!
Unlike the others, I can see a VM movie working and doing well. It could easily be turned into a stand-alone case, and Veronica's narration would work as an introduction (much like the pilot) to everyone who surrounds her. Not a big budget thing, but a little independent thing that would show at Sundance to huge applause. The fans, basically, are asking for some form of resolution and I'd be downright dumbfounded if a film didn't provide any of that.

Badger, badger, badger, mushroom, mushroom.
The problem with VM that Firefly didn't have is that VM was getting worse when it was cancelled. That's not really controversial, I hope: Season 1 of VM was among the most brilliant seasons of television ever. Season 3 of VM felt a lot like Season 5 of Babylon 5: jerked around by uncertainties about the future of the show, the showrunners ended up putting forth a less cohesive product in the same setting, that had all the right characters, but didn't have the same compelling storyline.

Given how well the Babylon 5 follow-ons went (one cancelled show, one failed pilot, one unprofitable straight-to-DVD release), I daresay the studios are probably making the financially prudent call here.
Isn't Kristen Bell a rather bigger star than she was when Veronica Mars was on the air? And yet she still wants to do it. Seems to me like the studios are missing an open goal.

Likewise Nathan Fillion and Serenity...
There's definitely too much of a 'lump everything into one category' thing going on here. In her mentioning of VMars and FNL, FNL had a beautiful ending and I would not want to see a movie, whereas VMars didn't really get an ending and I could see a really good plot line for a movie.

Same thing with Serenity vs Serenity 2. Serenity was pretty much necessary for some closure and to give us an idea of what was going on in the long run of the series. While I'd love to see a second Serenity, it isn't near as necessary. Once Avengers is finished and they find the time to get Dr Horrible 2 done, I'm ready for a new Joss series.
Add me to the list of the many that would love to see a Veronica Mars film. And, jclemens, you're not wrong about season 3 being the worst season, but it was still pretty good and the characters were still awesome. So I don't think a movie would be any worse for it if that's what you're getting at.

I think usually the biggest problem is money. Honestly, I'm surprised we haven't had the Arrested Development movie yet. I guess I always assumed that Ron Howard was a big enough name that he didn't have a lot of trouble making things he wanted made.
They could always do the Veronica Mars Season 4 pitch, where she's working for the FBI. That would even track better with Bell's current age. And I've heard a lot of people say the trailer for that looked way stronger than S3. Actually, I'd pay good money to just see Bell and Jason Dohring spar in an empty room for an hour and a half, so it's possible I'm biased.

That said, I agree with the original article on one thing: TV shows end, it's their destiny. And having seen many great endings for TV shows, that's something I actually hope for with most of the TV I love. Which is why what happened to Firefly is a crime, and why we need more of it, and why the article is wrong wrong wrong about Our Show in particular.
It's not that I wouldn't want to see any of those films. I'm a fan... unless something ended to satisfaction, I'll always be eager to see more. But let's face it... the chance that these things will actually happen are tiny.

Seriously, there's a point where we have to let go. The point was about fifty miles back.
It reminds me of a link I posted back in '04. Some of the links may no longer work but you'll get the general gist.
The looming promises of films trap fans in the denial phase of their post-show mourning process. How can we ever move on to acceptance when there are periodic morsels of hope that the show is not in fact done? Magical thinking is no fun, and getting strung along may give short-term happiness, but will lead to long-term heartbreak.

Seriously, there's a point where we have to let go. The point was about fifty miles back.

This may come as a shock to some, but there are those of us out there who actually consume movies/tv and the like for their value as a form of entertainment rather than an emotional substitute for the real world...

ETA: And also aren't compelled to arbitrarily tell others what they can or can't talk about...

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This reminds me that a movie for Jericho was announced a while back. Any word on that?

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