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August 01 2011

Sci-fi and fantasy spin-offs we'd loved to have seen. Besides the usual Whedonverse suspects of the Faith and Ripper spinoffs, SFX comes up with the idea of a Jubal Early show.

Richard Brooks [Early] can also sing beautifully, so a musical episode would be on the cards :-)

My 2 cents:

John Casey, action hero [spin-off from 'Chuck']

(Or 'Jayne Cobb, merc for hire')

Why Adam hasn't been offered the lead in a tv series [YET!] is beyond me.

Heck, I'd vote for 'Marcus Hamilton; evil is sexy' :-)
Gah I would have given anything for a Faith spin-off.
That Faith wallpaper is amazing. Totally represents everything I would have loved to see in that show.
Lindsey McDonald could have gotten back in the good graces of The Senior Partners. Then get put in charge of the Nashville office of Wolfram & Hart. I've known songwriters who signed some evil contracts in Music City. Who is really behind those giant music companies who've sucked the life out of Country Music? Lindsey could continue being ambiguously evil--& get to sing an occasional song.

(Although my deepest wish would be The Whedon Cabaret--with Lorne hosting as the whole crew displayed their talents between other shows. Singing, dancing, skating & a bit of Shakespeare.)

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The Jubal link doesn't work - it has an extra letter in it.

I still think they should've teamed Faith and Giles - that would've been an awesome show! She's seeking redemption, and he becomes a sort of (reluctant) mentor for her, and then things start happening that they end up investigating.
So it does, thanks for spotting it.
For some reason, "The Early Show" has me thinking of:
1) something like "Pee-Wee's Playhouse", with Jubal looking confused at the Smile Time demons
2) "Jubal & Kelly (Ripa)"... in this case the actors talking about their upcoming movies being confused by the questions that Jubal would ask during the interview

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