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August 01 2011

Jane Espenson discusses her new web series 'Husbands'. A must-see for anyone interested in the current state of television.

I'm must admit to being most intrigued by this project.

I like what Jane has to say about keeping it small and unadulterated. Sadly far too often "mainstream" does mean watered down or sexless. Don't get me wrong I'm not looking for "Torchwood" levels of raunch but some gay stuff makes me cringe because it pulls back for fear of offending.

I've gotten tired of seeing love between gay couples represented by a sensitive, comforting hand on a shoulder or a chaste hug. In order to break a taboo you have to, y'know, break it.

I'm also keen on the premise, that having gotten married in a somewhat foolhardy manner, the protagonists will possibly have to struggle somewhat to make it work. Not only will that provide the drama, but it sounds an awful lot like real life, and not some anodyne Hollywood fantasy.

On another point I think it's dead sweet that Joss's advice to Jane was to seek out Felicia Day. Something about the sense of community these guys have simply warms the cockles of my heart. And there's not much nicer than warm cockles. ;-)
Can't wait to check this out :).
oops,wrong thread..

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Very interested in seeing this!
And yeah, the "talk to Felicia Day" thing was awesome! =)
This looks so good! I can't wait.
I'm going to be following this project with a lot of interest.
Did anyone see that mic? I mean, wow. The project sounds ridiculously exciting too, but that mic...
WheelsOfJoy said:
Not for me.

how can you already know that?
script that is so sharp… [that] is so ready for television, but television is not ready for it.

Situation comedy isn't my favorite genre, but I definitely want to check this out.
because I don't like the situation comedy genre particularly dharma & greg type as a web series Tsuliwaensis.
oh if it was just that I wouldn't be interested either, WheelsOfJoy. but it's jane espenson doing something the way she wants to without any compromises (and she's wicked and has a great sense of humour). last time that kind of thing happened we got dr. horrible. if someone would've just said "super-hero musical" to me back then, I wouldn't have bothered either.

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