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August 01 2011

Read Jane Espenson's 'Spike' digital comic for free. Today, August 1, the first little tidbit of Season 9 is now available through the Dark Horse Digital store, free of charge care of a special code that you can only get through comic shops.

It's only eight pages, but it's written by Jane Espenson and drawn by Georges Jeanty, and it gives us a little slice of Spike's life on board that ship with the insects as seen at the end of Season 8, and in Brian Lynch's Spike series at IDW. Follow this link to a list of stores participating in the promo, or talk to your retailer about signing on now to get a code.

Speaking of which, I've already gotten my code and read the comic and it's fantastic! ♥
The good: my local comics store is a participating one.

The bad: today is a national holiday.

The good: tomorrow isn't!
I loved it to ribbons! It's amazing what nuances Jane can give Spike's character even in a short, intentionally silly webcomic. And I'm looking ever more forward to Spike and Buffy in Season 9 after "So you're home for good now?" and "B+S" (hee!)

I doubt if there's a place for the bugs in the ongoing Buffy story, but they gave me lots of laughs in the few issues they appeared in. :)
It's so very Spike!
Unfortunately, none of the comic shops I usually go to are participating, but I there's one about 16 miles away I can go to. I should have time this Wednesday. I'm surprised how few comic shops are participating.
It was a fun romp full of lovely character moments, humor, and teasing romantic cues, so naturally Jane knocked it out of the ballpark. :D
Well, this sucks. It appears that there aren't any stores near me participating in this. I'd love to read it. Spike is one of my favorites. If anyone happens to have a code they'd like to let me use, it would be much very appreciated. There's definitely no way I can convince my parents to drive me across the state for this.
You know what sucks? Being Swedish. You know what sucks? A small town with no comic shop. You know what sucks? Living outside that small town. You know what sucks? Living in a country with only a handful of comic shops in total. You know what sucks? Living nowhere near one of the four cities that might have comic shops.

You know what sucks? I'll never get to read this comic.
I would imagine it'll turn up in the trade like all the Buffy season 8 online strips did.
Here's my review of the comic with a focus on Spike's characterization and the Spike/Buffy interaction. Spoilers, obviously. :)

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My comic book store isn't on the list and the "local" one that is, isn't very close by. Wish they'd opened it up to more non USA stores. Ah well. Enjoy those who can see it.
Only one comics shop in my area is participating, and it's at least a half hour drive away, in a part of town I have no other reason to go to. Which means that in order to see this "free" comic, I'd have to spend a full hour in the car ... which is more time (and money) than I can see spending for this.

I like that they're trying to have online content in a way that supports comic stores, instead of hurting them. But (at least in my case) the result of this approach is that I'm not seeing the content *or* visiting the store.

Oh well. Maybe they'll work out a better way of doing it next time, or at least get more stores to participate.
I live in Romania where there are no comicshops. I managed to get a code.

To paraphrase Firefly "You can't take the Spike from me"
According to my comic shop, this isn't really available in the UK due to Diamond not knowing how to deal with VAT complications. Forbidden Planet seem to do the offer though
Is that something to do with ebooks getting charged VAT here in the UK I wonder.
None of the shops I could get to locally are on the list. :(
No stores near me have it. And I live in Philadelphia. Not exactly a small town!
Looks really good. I wish my shop had gotten the code.

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Read it last night/after midnight.Cute story.
Pat: *kanyeshrugs*


Who else has read the comic? I'd love to get a convo going about the story. :D

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Emmie - I already deleted the comment before you posted for some of the reasons you mentioned. Chalk it up to this - I enjoyed your review very much, and then had a knee-jerk reaction at end when it randomly ended in a slight against something that a buddy wrote. I was a fan of IDW long before I wrote for Angel, so it's hard for me to see people still down on them after they already lost the license. Since their last Angel story was also my first (and hopefully not last), I'd prefer if they were remembered for the gooduns. So again, I deleted the "disparaging remark"... erm, remark because it was an emotional response that I should've thought about before posting. Whoops?

Anyway, your review just makes me sad that I don't have the code, because it sounds very, very good.

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Where was Spike's bedroom that we saw in Season 8 #thirtysomething?
We're cool, dude.
I understand that DH feel they need to throw something like this out to comic shops who might otherwise feel threatened by the growth of e-comics. But it is frustrating if you don't live near enough to a comic store to pop in, and your life doesn't lend itself to trips into your nearest city every week. If every branch of WH Smith's stocked the full range of Dark Horse comics I might not bother with the Digital store at all, but actually for many people its the only practical way to keep up with the Whedonverse releases.
I'll ask my LCS when I go in for new comics on Wednesday.
Why would there be VAT concerns for a free comic? That doesn't make sense to me... Of course it also doesn't make sense that the closest comic book store w/the code is 75 miles away (three hours in the car round trip for 8 pages). My local store isn't listed on that 'official' list. :(
Hilariously, my regular comic shop (the one I can walk to, and so not waste a bus ticket) is also the closest shop to a certain Dark Horse editor, but it's not on the Spike codes list.
I wonder what happened to Spike's laptop?

If successful, the bugs' plan would have taken 1500 hours; they traveled back home the same time. Some sort of a valuable lesson for Spike here? Don't hurry, the good things will come anyway? I hope so
Yeah, There shouldn't be any VAT on a free item. It's tax on added value. As it's just a code given to retailers for free, VAT never actually applies.

That said, I'm also in a country with very few comic book stores and none I know of are participating. Shame.
I think even though it's a free ebook in the UK, the store may need to produce a VAT invoice to say you paid zero VAT. Which just makes things complicated. It may also explain why Spike got done for tax evasion.
It may also explain why Spike got done for tax evasion.

I read it, and I really liked it! Too bad that there are many of you who can't read it, judging by the comments I read..
It may also explain why Spike got done for tax evasion.

It was The Immortal !!!!

And considering this time Spike also spends a lot of time in space instead of being "home" I'll consider the V-Monster send by the Immortal too.
I've read it. Harmless daft fluff really. But did anyone else notice that apart from the T shirt and boots, Spike's now sporting Capt Johns twin gun belt too? *g*
If there's a UK-specific issue then how come there are three shops from England listed there? What did they do to get on that other shops couldn't? Is it too late for retailers to take part in this?
I talked to my local comic book store today and they weren't even offered a chance to participate in this, he assumed that only big comic books stores (who order a lot of product) could participate. Frankly it makes me mad at Dark Horse: I've been a faithful reader for many years (buying 100% of BtVS S8, Terminator, Doctor Horrible, Dollhouse, and Firefly/Serenity.... all the comics they've done from the Whedonverse (or written by Whedon brothers), but now I'm being punished. Because it IS a punishment to be forced to drive 150 miles roundtrip in 100 degree weather in order to get a code. I resent it.
Before planning a road trip send them an email. My local store did have the codes and the guy there told me if you live far off that is an option.
I'm waiting for a reply from two online stores to see if I can get the damn code. I want Spike dammit!

And someone should edit the post, because I think the deadline for signing up passed a while ago. In june, I believe.
I just got this message:


Sorry for the intrusion in your inbox but I'm not a member at Whedonesque and can't post. I ran across a thread there about the possible difficulty in your obtaining the download code for the Buffy/Spike comic. I'm one of the comic retailers that signed up to get the codes so if you still need one, I'm happy to e-mail it.

If you want to let anyone else in that thread know, I posted a note on my store website for anyone else interested. No strings attached (except an e-mail to send it to which will not be added to our newsletter list unless requested).

Here's a direct link to the post if you want to share it."
Wow, thanks for that.

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