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August 01 2011

An Avengers/Buffy comic? Joss Whedon drops knowledge. Another Comic-Con interview courtesy of io9.

I like that he puts his weight behind Star Wars, not Empire.
He's wrong, though.
On the crossover... What a very strange and completely useless question to ask. I like io9 generally, but this was just too weird.
Throughout the interview, Joss is just like "LOOK AT ALL THE FUCKS I GIVE." I approve.
He might not be allowed to answer but I'd interested to know if Joss is writing any comic books that tie-in with the movie. Captain America got a very good prequel comic book.
I don't know if I like the idea of the Avengers in comic book form, just seems strange, you know?

Joss gave a very polite answer to a pretty silly question.
Very strange. Especially since they started in comic books... Lol just giving you grief.
I'd honestly rather see Dr Horrible vs the Avengers.
I wouldn't mind Astonishing X-Men vs The Avengers in comic book or movie form.
Simon, there's quite a few of those already...
MrArg: According to Wikipedia, the UK Avengers comic strips started a few years after the Avengers TV series started. Although they did start before Diana Rigg joined the series.
(Like chelseapt, just giving you grief.)

Does anyone know if the Black Widow's outfit came before or after Emma Peel's catsuit?

Edit: Simon and daylight, I've mentioned that if Joss wasn't writing the Avengers, I would have wanted Roger Stern, who wrote the "X-Men vs. Avengers" limited series. (Still have it in a storage box, somewhere.)

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IIRC Stern is writing an Avengers mini-series to tie in with the movie.

PS Little off topic but could anyone explain why it takes forever to access any given page on Whedonesque these days?
Glad to see my humor is somewhat appreciated... :)
"It's not like I get a lot of fan fiction in the mail."

Oh, dear. Well, that little void should be filled soon. In, 5..4..3..2..1.

Fan fictors, assemble.

(daylight - I haven't had that issue, myself - dunno if others have.)
QuoterGal: Which issue are you talking about? daylight has distinct links for every word of "quite a few of those". :)
The Dark Shape wrote:
He's wrong, though.

I don't think Joss is wrong about Star Wars being a better movie than The Empire Strikes Back in that his (elsewhere) stated criterion is that Empire doesn't have an ending. Star Wars ("4") finds a logical stopping point with the Death Star destruction, and the battle will continue. Empire just ends with nothing resolved. Perhaps Lucas was getting even more into the spirit of the old movie serials with cliffhangers, but it's unsatisfying. As a kid I felt the same as Joss does and still do. But I like both films and recognize the greater depth of Empire, as Joss probably does as well.

In other news, there's a sidebar link on io9 about a movie called Spaceless, which sounds almost like a sequel to Jubal Early in "Objects in Space":

a space assassin wakes up floating aimlessly through space.

Whatever the problem I had before was, it seems to have gone now. :)

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