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August 01 2011

Dollhouse Is Feminist - a 16 part video deconstruction of Dollhouse season one. GoingRampant looks at everything from the overall messages and publicity down to breaking down and analyzing how each and every episode treats female and male characters, and what Dollhouse is trying to examine about using each other.

This trend to make videos of oneself speaking is very sad. This stuff would probably make a very interesting article that could be read in 30 minutes, but it's at least three hours of video! It can't be skimmed, searched or copy-pasted, and thank god I'm not deaf...

That said, I watched the first part, and it was interesting. I disagree with the claim that a feminist show is a show that depicts feminists in a good way, I'd say that a feminist show is a show that depicts misogynist stuff in a bad way (which Dollhouse mostly does).

I think the problem that many people have with DH compared to Buffy is that Buffy shows an empowered woman that sometimes has to fight misogyny, whereas DH shows the fight for empowerment.

Still, I'm not sure DH is really feminist. Somehow in DH it seems almost arbitrary that the protagonist is a woman. The show depicts slavery in the way that is most familiar to us nowadays: the sexual exploitation of women. But it's still about slavery. That's why some explicitly feminist lines sounded weird to me, because it was about humanity in general, and there was no need to emphasize a woman/man dichotomy (I'm thinking about the "princess that saves herself" and "superior beings don't kill women" parts).
It's certainly an interesting way to explore a subject. But I agree that viewage (yes, that's now a word, sez me) will be limited due to length.

In the video for Needs, they make the point that the dolls resolve their issues but Tony does something interesting - Priya seeks vengeance, Tony seeks purely romance. He sleeps once he's kissed Priya. If you think about his entire show character arch, it's entirely about Priya.

I don't think Dollhouse was a feminist show; but I don't think it was anti-feminist, either. It was a people are crappy and occasionally awesome show.

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