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August 01 2011

Tony Head has "no idea" why the Buffy reboot could be happening. He gives a private interview during the Television Critics' Association's press tour, and mentions having dinner with Joss during Comic-Con.

He also talks about why he agreed to come back to the States to reprise his role in "Free Agents," calling the British original "a critically-acclaimed gem."

I only found out recently that one of his daughters, that he left season six to spend more time with, is the excellent Emily Head (Carli D'Amato) from Inbetweeners.
Holy crap, that's uh, that's freaked me out enough for one day. Cheers strangeaction. *Shivers*
That's also this interview covering some of the same subjects .

He also mentions getting updates on Charlotte from Sarah .

Thanks to Temponaut for finding this
I guess the good news is that no studio has picked this monstrosity up yet? Or have they sold it to someone?
Didn't they get a deal with Warner Bros and some of Christopher Nolan's alumni were going to be making it, with Whit Anderson writing? That sounded all pretty concrete at the time. Was it all hype?
strangeaction - how did I not know that?!
KoC, the script is still in the "writing" stage. Kinda like Joss wrote Wonder Woman. This is in no way a done deal. It could be in development hell (not necessarily a bad thing) for years and years to come. As far as I know, no one has been cast, no director hired, and no production date set. Which all means it may never (hopefully) happen.
Warner Bros opted script development.

Also, holy monkies strangeaction!
Just like Warner has repeatedly "opted script development" on the Wonder Woman movie that is likely to never happen. Just to be clear.

I know you are agreeing with me, gossi, it just doesn't come across that way.
Aye. I've no idea what's happening with it. I did see Whit, the script writer (who is actually very cool), mention the thing as recently as last month.

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I think the script is finished.
I have never seen Inbetweeners but know Emily Head's in it. Why is everybody so shocked?
'Cause we've all seen Inbetweeners, but never cared enough to look at the cast list/credits? :)
Yeah, the writer twitted that she'd finished & turned it in towards the end of July - possibly it'd been tweeted before, and certainly it's been repeated after, but I noticed the particular one I linked to. I ain't holding my breath, for a number of reasons.

BTW, I recently re-watched the original "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" movie the other day, and this time instead of steadily cringing through the whole thing, I silently re-directed and re-blocked all the scenes and lines whose delivery and staging make me loco in the cabasa and it got better.

Not good, mind you, but better - but I may be a crappy imaginary director. I just think the parts where it could be better-directed are palpable. And painful to watch.

ETF: grammar flop

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Hey y'all - here's a picture of Tony with his daughters in May of this year: Lovely family.

I was actually a bit taken aback at reading they were in their 20s already. My, how time flies!

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I'm in the boat of "go ahead and do it" for the movie remake. If it becomes a good flick, will just add and create buzz to more Buffyverse works. In case of a Bad film, nothing will change in the reign (Joss still don't like the first one)..

Great pic, ShadowQuest.
Anthony looks a little bit like Bruce Willis in it ;)

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