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August 02 2011

How Tony Head feels about what happened to Giles. Obviously there's spoilers for what went down in Season 8. And then there's this tidbit "Head adds that he's heard there are "interesting ideas afoot" for the Buffyverse."

I'd love to see a Ripper telefilm set in the year and a half between Seasons 7 and 8.
Or even a series prequel of the young Ripper, in Young Indiana Jones style, with Anthony voice over.
I'd love to know what Giles was doing during Season Six when he was back home. I'd also like to know when he met Olivia.

I still think the Faith & Ripper idea could work. Have the two of them being a kind of...supernatural investigative team, while Giles helps her learn to control her impulses. Sort of be the Watcher she never had.
How could a Faith/Ripper idea work with Giles dead? Unless she channels his ghost, which could be cool...
Brierly Stupid Joss. I'm never going to forgive him for that.

But the idea we're kicking around now is an "in between" storyline, so if it picked up during Season Six, when Giles went back home, it could work.
But Faith was in jail during Season 6.
Brierly Argh!

Ok. First season is Giles at home during Season Six, leading into him gathering the first Potentials and taking them to Sunnydale. In fact, the last episode of the first season is him walking up the sidewalk of the house on Revello.

Then the second season is after the Fall of Sunnydale - Faith joins up with him while Buffy and the others are recruiting new Slayers and trying to establish their new headquarters. There could be occasional appearances by Willow, who is still struggling with her powers.

Since I'm not reading the comics, I don't know what happened to everyone (Other than the few things I read here) Giles frequent in them? Or is there enough "time frame" where he isn't around for a third season of the show?

I just might run with this for my AU fics. It's got a lot of potential.
ShadowQuest: zing font/ *You're* doing AU now? Will wonders never cease /end zing font. (Strictly speaking, my own 'verse doesn't diverge until just beofre the Harmony-cnetric issue.)

Yes, "never say never" but really, Fox has some control over the Giles character and I can't see their ever licensing it to BBC or ITV, even for a short run.

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