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August 02 2011

A geek dream team. Morgan Spurlock talks about "Comic-Con Episode Four: A Fan's Hope", documentaries, and much other geekish and non-geekish stuff.

This article appears to be spurred on by Spurlock's hosting of "Fifty Documentaries to See Before You Die" a five-part miniseries that counts down his list of the top documentaries ever made. It starts airing on Current TV tonight - though for who'all and where'all, I could not say.

So Morgan Spurlock isn't in a single frame of 'Comic Con Episode 4: A Fan's Hope', but my question is: is Joss?!?!
I saw the book tie-in to this film in the store the other day and noticed Joss had written a forward. He also had a series of funny mock-serious posed pictures. Overall, it was a captioned picture book featuring professional portraits of costumed fans.

I don't remember seeing it linked here, so ...

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I quite liked that foreword, very cool.
So Joss has me picturing the floor of Comic Con as a mass of cross-fandom, cosplayer make-out sessions.
Well jcs, it does get fairly orgasmic.

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