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August 03 2011

'Marvel One-Shots" short films to expand the cinematic universe. The first two star Clark Gregg as Agent Coulsen and take place before 'The Avengers'.

The story includes a clip of 'The Consultant' which will be featured on the Blu-Ray for 'Thor'.

Awesome; Agent Coulson's one of my favorite things about the films. Glad to see he's getting his day in the limelight.

Two guesses who "the consultant" is. :)
What about us poor saps that only have DVD players? We don't get to see this?
Over at io9 they're speculating (since it's a bit of a skilled retcon, apparently -- I didn't quite follow it) that Joss might have written this. It certainly sounds a bit like him.
The linked article says they were both written by Eric Pearson.

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