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August 03 2011

Support Club Mo! Friends of Maurissa Tancharoen have started a team in her honor for the Walk for Lupus Now in Los Angeles. You can donate to the cause on the team's page.

Felicia Day is part of the team as well and has her own donation page here as are/do Jed, Kim Evey, and the Divine Ms. Mo herself (all accessible via the main link).

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I like this idea of other people doing the actual physical exertion while I pay them a nominal amount! Yay, walk-a-thon!
I like how the wording here makes it seem like "friends of Mo, and also Felicia".
@Bix, I said that because Felicia didn't actually start the team, just joined it. It was started by Nirvana Adams and Amy Smith.
I labeled my gift Team Mo but I couldn't figure out how to make anyone's thermometer rise. Which sounds like a confession of sexual inadequacy. It's a software problem! Hardware's just fine, thank you.
There's a Felicia specific page that reached it's goal (and then raised it and then reached it and raised it again) as well as Jed and Kim Evey and Mo, all reachable via the main link or direct links added above.
Yeah I saw Felicia's page first because she linked it on twitter last night, and just an hour ago Zack Whedon's lovely bride to be ( @ElizaClark) set up her own page to support Mo and raise $ to fight Lupis. It is wonderful to follow all the links and read what people wrote, Kim Evey is particularly funny.

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And now Zack has added his love!

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I got in on it via Nirvana Adams' tweet (script supervisor on Dollhouse), because it was the first one I saw.
Club Mo update: $23k ($30k goal). Top team. Felicia, Jed, and Mo in top 10 walkers. Team is 32% of LA Walk For Lupus total.

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