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August 03 2011

90210 snags Buffy alum Sarah Hagan. Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Sarah Hagan (Potential Slayer Amanda) has booked a recurring role on 90210.

Am I the only one that ever mix of Sarah Hagan with Riff Regan (the Willow of the unaired Pilot)?
I never mixed her up with Riff Regan, but I ALWAYS think of her first and foremost for her role on Freaks and Geeks.
DUDE. That adorable character on Freaks and Geeks was Amanda. HOW DID I NEVER REALIZE THAT.

Also, 90210? Still around, really?
Kairos: The show was re-launched a few seasons back, it's not the "O"-riginal.

Altho why does a show like that want to cast somebody who looks like a real human being?

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