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January 14 2004

The Futon Critic's top 50-21 episodes of 2003 Whedonverse episodes so far on the list include Chosen(#50), The Message(#36), Lineage(#32), and Peace Out(#25).

Episodes of shows such as CSI and Enterprise ahead of Chosen?? That's insane troll logic! Nice to see so much Jossy goodness on the list though.
And "Peace Out" was the absolute worst episode of "Angel" ever! It's the only bad episode of "Angel" there's ever been. Never before have I seen something so anticlimactic.
Insane troll logic indeed...I've often averred that the worst Buffy (or Angel, too) is better than the best of pretty much everything else.

Glad to see "The Message" there, though...what an astonishing piece of work...

But...Enterprise ahead of ANYthing by Joss?...actually, that's beyond insane troll logic...!

(I loved "Peace Out", IG...sorry...!)
I gotta agree with Lizard, I loved Peace out as well.
I actually really liked Peace Out. I really enjoyed the moment where Conner confers with the unconcious Cordy regarding Jasmine. I really liked the anti-climactic finish of Connor's fist through Jasmine's face, and I REALLY liked that we were finally confronted with the possibility that Jasmine's influence might not've been such a bad thing.
Anyone else see the title of the Without A Trace episode "are you know or have you ever been?" for a minute there I thought they were talking about another Angel episode. It's strange to see that as an episode title once but twice is just bordering on bizarre.
On why some shows like CSI and Enterprise get a mention above Buffy and Angel episodes...

1) Taste is subjective
2) The Futon Critic's list is compiled by a bunch of writers. They're all allowed to throw some of their favorites in. So a guy who loved a bunch of CSI and Enterprise eps last season may not be a Buffy viewer. Mostly I think they're just trying to cover most of the popular shows so that all the fans can see that their series got a mention or two.

I hope "Selfless" and/or "Conversations w/Dead People" show up somewhere on there. As far as what were standout episodes of Angel to me..."Peace Out", while I liked most of it, certainly wasn't my favorite. I think "Inside Out" and "The Magic Bullet" would be some worthy contenders from the 2003 half of the season..."Salvage", the first Faith ep, did everything right in my eyes even if the rest of her arc on Angel (and especially Buffy) wasn't everything I hoped for. "Sacrifice" was also pretty cool. I can see "Home" getting a mention, though I'm still bouncing back and forth between loving and hating that one.

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