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August 03 2011

'Verse Easter eggs on "Futurama". Take a close look at the names on the heads in the jars in the latest episode, "All the Presidents' Heads," and you'll find that a few Big Damn Heroes apparently went on to rule the world ... plus a few mash-ups like "Summer Maher" and "Nathan Krumholtz." (Links to the iTunes "Futurama" page.)

Don't look if you want to seek them out yourself, but I found...

Presidents Zoe Washburne and Inara Serra.
Sharon Anders was the one I noticed, oddly enough.
Amelia Pond is also one of the presidents.
I did catch Amelia Pond, but didn't mention it since it wasn't strictly speaking Whedony. But I do love "Doctor Who" so it was equally exciting!
President Washburne would be formidable indeed. But I'd have to say President Serra would probably be the better diplomat.
I don't even had saw the Doctor, only the Tardis -

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