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August 04 2011

The Cabin in the Woods gets a UK release date. I've checked the date with the distributor. This makes my brain happy.

Excuse me whilst I just go and cry into a pillow.
Two weeks before The Avengers release.
Should do well. It will be just in time to work with the marketing for Avengers.
Wait! When did it get pushed to next April in the US? I thought it was coming out in October. *sad puppy*
The October date was never confirmed, things went to a different date instead. They can probably have some fun with the Friday the 13th thing in marketing.
I wonder how exhausted I would be if I done this and Avengers in one day.
Oh, awesome stuff! To actually get this finally confirmed is a relief. Really can't wait.

Then to be able to see the Avengers just a couple of weeks after? Good times.
Oooh, I feel like we must be not-too-far from the deluge of news and press that precedes the release of Joss projects. I can't wait.
April is eight months away. So maybe not so much.
Anyone know whether there is a release date for Australia?
Anyone know whether there is a release date for Australia?

Unfortunately, doesn't look like it. I keep checking but there's no info on the Cabin so far.
Says the press release from a couple weeks ago:
The company will be distributing the film in North America and the UK, with Lionsgate’s international sales team handling overseas sales.
So that's the latest we have, I think.
At the minute there's only distribution in the US and UK. If you want it outside those countries, maybe tell distributors in your country you'd like to see it.
Thanks everyone for your comments re Australian release.
FWIW, int'l publicity says only that nothing's been announced re: Australia. Which is basically what we know, since we've seen no announcement. But at least we know we didn't somehow miss it.

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