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August 04 2011

Confirmed: Sarah Michelle Gellar will guest on 'All My Children'. She said at the Ringer TCA panel, "I called up the casting director and told her I wanted to do something, that I want to be a part of it.".

I'll have to tune into AMC that day!
Haven't watched that show since I lived at home with my mom.
Looks like I will be tuning in! Haha. :)
It must be good to have a casting director take your calls.
Thats really cool of Sarah not to forget about AMC!!
Love this! Can't wait to see Sarah's appearance.
I know there is bad blood there, but PLEASE give us one last SMG/Susan Lucci scene!
Soap Opera is reporting her airdate is September 21 and she'll share scenes with [SPOILER ALERT!]Eva LaRue's Maria Santos[END ALERT].
Eva, who was one of the guests at the "Fruffy" wedding.

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