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August 04 2011

Angel & Faith #1 variant cover by Rebekah Isaacs. Exclusive for her New England signing tour. Artist cautions, NSFYF (Not Safe For Yankees Fans!).

I could love this cover, except I don't think they look like Angel/David and Faith/Eliza much. :(
I read NSFYF as Not Suitable For Your Face. Paired (in my head) with Donald Glover's voice as Troy in Community (and let's face it, everything should be read that way!) it made me giggle.

And I'm happy with the Faith likeness - in comics style I think it works.. Angel looks a bit too generic, though.
That's hilarious.
I'm confused. Is this not all still set in the UK then?
It is but this cover reflects the regional tour that Rebekah is doing.
^^ Nice idea.
But they should correct the desciption of the picture. That is obviously not a cover for "Angel & Buffy".
As a former New Yorker, now adoptive New Englander, I heartily approve of this nonsense.
This is ridiculousness; Everyone knows Angel's a hockey fan....
I think that's a better likeness of Eliza than most.
My personal opinion is that Angel is wearing the shirt just to do something nice for Faith. Or she forced him to, and then he realized it was even more fun to defeat vampires when they thought that you were representing their oppositional team, so he decided to keep it.

I love this cover. Kudos on those poses. Now I just wish I could find all the dates and locations of this alleged tour.
Yeah, I forgot Faith is from Boston. Well, nobody's perfect.
I love the fun I'm seeing in these different covers. Faith always looks like she's having a ball working with Angel. I get the sense that these two are going to be a very entertaining duo with great chemistry. It really makes me wish the show was still on the air. We never really got to see David and Eliza just having fun with these roles. Their scenes together were always so serious

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