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August 05 2011

The Q Ratings love Nathan Fillion. According to recently released Q ratings, Nathan Fillion is "The 6th Most Popular Star on Television".

Congratulations, Cap'n!

I love my captain
Anyone know how to get to the list?
I think you need an account and to get an account you probably have to work in the industry.
I had no idea NCIS was that popular.
jcs, you took the words right out of my mouth (yuck); I don't find NCIS to be all that interesting, although I will admit that Mark Harmon and David McCallum are almost as cool as Nathan Fillion (not quite). And I do love Jim Parsons.
Love it or hate it NCIS is one of the most watched scripted shows on TV. Hence the rating. I'm just glad that Nathan is in that list - but really, how could he not be?

The replies to the linked story crack me up. "I've never heard of these people". All I can think of is, for a reader of a pop-culture website, you don't know much about pop-culture, or the history of pop-culture.

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It'd be nice to think that somewhere out there there are some circa 2002 Fox suits having a quiet moment of introspection... but I kinda doubt it.
Too bad it's for this Murder, She Wrote/Moonlighting mash-up, rather than something truly excellent, like Firefly.
petranef, although Firefly is excellent, I think you are severely underestimating Castle. The show is fun. But only due to hard work by the writers, actors, and producers.

Even without Fillion, "Castle" has Jose Molina for the Whedonesque connection. And I've always been impressed by Rene Echevarria (writer/producer for ST:TNG, ST:DS9, Now and Again, etc.).
Jose hasn't worked on Castle since spring of 2010. He's on Terra Nova right now trying to sort them out.
No Spencer from Criminal Minds?

Boo list.
Other than Mark Harmon I knew little else about the people from NCIS on this list. I recognized Pauly Perette but had no idea that was her name. I knew David McCallum but assumed it was a different David McCallum. Glad to see he's alive and kicking. I had never heard of nor recognized anyone else from NCIS. Mostly 'cause I've never seen an episode.

It's great to see Nathan so high. That's a pleasant surprise.

And I knew Jim Parsons. So I guess I'm a geek.
"It'd be nice to think that somewhere out there there are some circa 2002 Fox suits having a quiet moment of introspection..."

The only one I knew other than Fillion was Parsons. I am so out of the mainstream loop. I can't watch mystery/crime shows. Just not interesting to me. I have tried, I spent several months watching NCIS while helping a sick friend who loved it, but I still couldn't get into it. Crime happens, crime is solved. Who cares?
There's quite a fight going on over there over the appropriate age to watch NCIS. I do like Castle better, but they are both great shows.

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