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August 06 2011

Joss Whedon interview about The Avengers. He was talking to Poptimal.

He discusses filming progress and possible sequels.

Joss really has a problem with the Empire Strikes Back ending, doesn't he?
The interview came from Poptimal not reelz channel.
Ah. My mistake.
Wonderful interview! She managed to cover a lot of ground and really got some fun information out of Joss. I thought it was interesting that Joss said "I'm a slave to everyone's schedules" because I had wondered about that every time I would see one of the Avenger actors at a media event far away from where filming is taking place. But I have to say that Joss looks (to me) happier and more relaxed than he did at the Chicago Wizard World event 2004 (when he was a Guest of Honor and he flew out in the middle of filming Serenity). It makes me happy to see him really enjoying this gig.
I'm getting so excited for this! I still can't believe he's doing it! And I have to say once again, that he looks fantastic too.
This movie is gonna kick so much ass I can't even think straight.
(Pops cover and takes a peek) Yep, think Joss has a winner here, like we never doubted. Looking forward!

Ahh, wait! Must restock my fruits and various meats....for various situations that may arise. Damn, not even sure if my throwing arm is up to speed....

Well, guess I'll make do.

"It's a blockbuster. There are certain things you do, you bust blocks."
I heart Joss. His interviews are always great. :)
The man seems to be approaching giddy status and I love it! Squee!

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