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August 06 2011

Limited Buffy Lithograph by Mark Texeira exclusive to Wizard World Chicago. It will be given away as part of a BTVS VIP package, or can be purchased at Texeira's booth at the show.

All 8 of the cast members featured will be appearing at the convention.

Not bad, but not great.

The likness is off on almost every picture. The two big Spike & Darla ones are good though. I'm guessing under that is JM and JB beneath the pics as well, but I'm not sure about JB. The rest I'm guessing at. I recall the Glory and Xander reference pics so I assume the actors are going to be there. But is that suppose to be Mercedes, Carpenter, Day and unknown male? I really can't figure out why the man in the corner is.
I really can't figure out why the man in the corner is.

I'm assuming it's an attempt at Kelly Donovan.
Lol, "why the man". My English is soooo good.
This is just....weird. Why the eff is it Spoike and Darla up top? What a strange combo: vamp and his great-grandsire. Everyone else is kind of randomnesswtfcakes as well.

And once again I'd like to re-iterate that it's not truly a Buffyfest unless we're there. I'm just sayin' ;)
Vamp Darla looks fat.

Who the heck is the redhead in glasses? Is that supposed to be Felicia Day? Why isn't she in character if this is supposed to be a "Buffy" drawing?

Is that supposed to be Mark Lutz in the bottom? Why would they feature Groo?

So many questions, no answers.
Those are the con Buffy guests. Wizard World
I like it. Definitely one of those rare pieces that not everyone will have. I love the idea of getting it signed by everyone at the show but...if you were to buy the piece from Mark directly, and then get it signed by everyone at the show, it would be very expensive.

Personally, I think charging for signing and photos is a little over the top. If you pay $30 for an autograph, I dont think its too much to ask for a quick snapshot together at a fan event. I know the actors are usually happy to do a quick picture but their reps (who I assume are paid specifically for this purpose) never allow it. "You want a picture together, you need to sign up for a photo-op for $30. You want a JPEG emailed to you? That's another $15."

I understand the actors need to make that cash or they dont come out to the shows but it feels like they get you coming and going. $25 to get into the show + $20 to sign something + $30 to get a photo + $15 for a jpeg of the pic x 8 different actors...that's over $500.

In years past at the Chicago show, Mercedes and Emma were happy to take a quick photo together if you purchased a headshot for them to sign. So an autograph and a pic together would be maybe twenty dollars, not seventy or eighty. Oh how I long for the good old days.
I still find a lot of the actors will do a photo with you, especially if it's after their last official session.
Ahhhh, good idea redeem147, never thought of that!

But its such a rarity that they are all in town and I'd hate to miss my opportunity. So I'll probably pop for a group pic...I dont want to not support them, just dont want to blow 500 bucks!

Thanks for the tip redeem!

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