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August 06 2011

Want to own the chair from Dollhouse? Go Printy shopping.

My favorite settings are Magic Fingers and Doris F. Day.
Wow, it is the fully functioning chair from Dollhouse! I wonder if the Echo download in it? And I loved LOVED seeing Alpha's frankenstein style chair(!).
That's pretty darn awesome! I wonder how this store got these props?

And....I'm a mega-nerd - I actually rewound & hit pause as she was leaving the first chair, because I spied...a Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel newspaper dispenser! If they sell props there, I wonder what movie or show it was used in? (The afternoon Milwaukee Journal and morning Milwaukee Sentinel merged into one paper in 1995.)
If I was a dentist I'd totally go out there and buy that thing for my office - just think of the mid-root canal, idle chit-chat possibilities...
It's definitely not Alpha's chair from "Omega" like I thought, unless it's a redress of it. As someone tweeted gossi on Twitter, it's definitely a chair a vision of Topher is seen using in "The Attic". It could be the same chair, but only if it was stripped down from the "Omega" version, maybe with all the cushioning stripped off?

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I'm clearly antiquing in all the wrong stores. Damn! What was the store asking for it?
What was the store asking for it?

Your soul....
I like to imagine this is what happens after Epitaph Two - all the Dollhouse equipment ends up in a shop window somewhere.
Kickin' back with a cold one in the plush, reclinable comfort of Printy, ignoring incoming phone calls and that incessant pounding at my door... this should be my life.

Well worth the five year contract, wear-and-tear, and memory wipe.
If anybody wants to buy the chair, email me ( and I'll put you in e-contact with the company.
I wish I had the money and the space.
I'm surprised Eliza doesn't snatch it up for herself!
Dear gossi, please don't take it that way, we just like our minds as they were birthed. Trust me, my mother and siblings have messed with my head enough, don't need a machine to skew things further. Okay, that's my piece. Unless it wasn't!
Man I really want that! *looks at wallet* Never mind. *takes out paper and pen and writes* "Dear Santa,..."
Yeah, if it's fully functioning, it's gotta be really expensive. And kind of dangerous.
Can anyone tell me what huge amount of money they wanted for this?

Thanks! :D


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