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August 07 2011

"Roger Wyndham-Pryce" cast in Game of Thrones. Roy Dotrice, who portrayed Wesley's father in the Angel episode "Lineage" has been cast in GoT.

And we finally get a whedon-connection in the cast, as he will portray the pyromancer Hallyne in season 2. Previous whedony connection is that Jane Espenson wrote for ep 6 of season 1.

More casting information for s2 can be found here.

Wheeee! I was just today re-reading his first appearance in CoK. Well cast! Can we call him Wisdom Pryce now?
FYI, he was originally cast as Grand Maester Pycelle last year, but had to bow out due to health concerns. Because GRRM loves him so much, and his connections to ASoIaF (he read the audiobook for books 1-3 and 5), his recasting was inevitable. Much smaller role though, but that's understandable given his health.

Good to finally have a casting connection between my two favorite worlds!
He also was Father in Beauty & The Beast in the 80s, written by and exec produced by GRRM.
It will be wonderful to see him in GoT. Now cast Ron Perlman as someone. Everyone go to the Westeros site and demand it! :-)
I just saw "Lineage" for the first time tonight, and I'm currently reading A Storm of Swords. Awesome!
He's still Leopold Mozart (Amadeus) to me. The portrayals of Leopold and Roger were uncannily similar (the overbearing father figure--they even threw in a few bits about Wesley's childhood genius--not to mention the masquerade mask Commendatore and robot imposters connection).

Here's another great bit of trivia: his daughter, Karen Dotrice, was the little girl in Mary Poppins.
If we're going to be niptick, he wasn't exactly Wesley's father, just his android.
Can "Wesley" himself be casting now, please?
I know he wasn't his "real" father, but writing that would've been spoilerish, eh? :)
Well, he played his real father too... he just wasn't ever shown. If that makes sense.
Correct tense is conditonal, or "past futre;" he would have played Wesley's father if we'd ever seen an ep. with him in. (Barbara Steele as Wes's mom? I have lots of ideas* for actors to play parents of Scoobs and Fangsters.) When i first heard about this ep. I was disappointed they didn't land Sir Roger Moore, but having seen it I'm quite happy.

*No, I won't bore you by listing them.

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