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August 07 2011

Coverage of the filming of The Avengers in Cleveland. The Plain Dealer has a series of articles about the movie being filmed in the Cleveland area this month.

The 'Smoke and mirrors' article is worth reading.

Yeah, talk about information overload. Well, about 40% of it was right, not too bad. Good link, Simon!
The "Smoke & Mirrors" article was written a bit odd.

"...the highly anticipated comic action film..." - Jackie Chan does comic action. I'd think this was a comics (or comic book) action film.

"Schwarz, however, said he believes he will have failed if "The Avengers" turns out to be nothing more than a fun, summer romance, but the relationship between Ohio and the Hollywood film industry never really turns into something serious or long-term."
- Huh? Why would what type of film it is cause Schwarz to fail? I think I know what the writer meant, but what was written wasn't it.

Plus, Hello Spoilers! I didn't know that Joss was planning on shooting this film like a Harlequin novel. :)
(Edit: I checked Wikipedia, and there is something called the "Harlequin Superromance line".)

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Okay, now I have a list of days to drive up to Cleveland. :)
I think it's pretty clear that "comic action film" in this context refers to a movie adapted from comic books.
OneTeV, that doesn't say the type of film would cause Schwartz to fail. It says he fails if the relationship between Hollywood and Cleveland is just a summer fling that doesn't result in something longterm.
Waterkeeper511: We know that. But the average reader may not. As I point out, there are comic action films which are not comic book action films. Or even comic comics action films. (I'd have to think if there is an example of a comic comics cosmic action film.)

The One True b!X, what you said is exactly what I thought the writer meant. However, the "but" is a conjunction (of two independent clauses), so the first part is confusing by itself. (The sentence can be parsed as: If The Avengers turns out to be a summer romance, he would have failed...) Would have helped to talk about the "production collaboration", which would not be confused with the movie itself. Or replace "but" with "if".

Sorry to go on that rant. I'm glad Simon posted the link. When there is ambiguity ("which lane at the toll booths is actually moving"), I invariably pick the wrong one, so I do get a bit testy when the writer cuts corners and I initially read it differently than it was meant.

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