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August 08 2011

Reports of an unofficial Firefly prequel are incorrect. Originally it was reported in the The Westmorland Gazette that 'Lost Transmissions' was "a science fiction film based on cult television series Firefly". More details (including a poster) at the film studio's website. Update: However it turns out that the newspaper got it wrong, the film's director said "All I ever told the journalist was that some of my inspirations came from various shows".

Their website is very interesting. I looked at the promo for their film on bullying and found lots of typos and odd phrasing. Editing is perhaps not their strong suit.

I'd like to know what makes this "based on Firefly" - I don't see any particular reference to the Firefly 'verse.
False alarm. I've updated the entry.
I'm confused. Is the film not actually getting made, or is it not actually related to Firefly?
I thought it was just confirmed that it was not related to Firefly. Hadn't heard that it wasn't being made at all.
How does "my inspirations came from various shows" become "omg he's making an unofficial Firefly prequel!"?

People like those journalists need to calm down, especially whenever Firefly/Serenity is mentioned.

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