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August 09 2011

How Joss is Feeling. High on Agent Coulson, but not so sleepful. Another Comic Con interview, but all new except for the shirt.

I think Joss chose a shirt that would bear extended viewing.

Good questions- they got slightly different answers than what we have heard before.
How does he come up with these lines, or had he said it before during questions about Avengers (knowing in advance he isn't always going to get "the fresh stuff" so better have some good quips on hand)?

"I have reached the top, I'm going down the other side, I've just realized my Sherpa guide is frozen to death and several of my toes are missing," he added when asked about how work is progressing on the movie so far. "But we are on our way down."

Joss, this is your OPPORTUNITY! Six Million Dollar Man-toes!! You can afford it now!
Bionic Toe-cheese here we come? Hmm...
"... occasionally I import a friend just to have that touchstone of someone who knows who I am. Everyone is wonderful, but they're all new, and when you're in the thick of it you need someone to go, 'You're not crazy.' "

You're not crazy, Jossir.

I'm almost sure of it. ; )
How much does that mean coming from a crazy person? :)
Now that you mention it, probably not a whole lot.

I think the only way we can be sure of anything is if we import me & one other certifiably non-crazy person to the set for the duration of the shoot.
I'd only be worried if he decided to eat the frozen Sherpa guide at the peak.
I would definitely volunteer to hang out at the set for the duration... but I'm not sure I'm certifiably non-crazy, but I think I'm sane enough for practical purposes. I'm glad Joss has his man-crush, I'm sure that helps with the loneliness.

I'm really enjoying this interview which probably could have been released all in one piece but evidently they thought they'd get more attention by parceling it out piecemeal.
I am pretty sure that line is meant to invite all of WHEDONesque to come hang out, but only if all of us go together.

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If you must ask if you're crazy, you probably aren't, unless the answer comes in the form of a disembodied voice. Voices in your head are highly dubious, especially when they speak of the government tape recording your thoughts. Newflash, they don't use tape anymore. It's all digital. And aluminum hats amplify the beam.
There's a scene in Mr. Deeds Goes to Town,* during Deeds' insanity hearing, when the judge declares him the sanest man in the courtroom. That is how sane Joss is.

*Frank Capra version starring Gary Cooper [ETA & Jean Arthur :]. Accept no substitute.

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I think Joss is pixilated*.

But then, I think everyone one is, except me.

* Yeah, now that was a perntless re-make that couldn't come close to touching the original. Plus, if it ain't got no Jean Arthur, what is the point?
With you on Jean Arthur, QG.
(All my thoughts are recorded on wire.)

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Clarissa Saunders FTW!
I think the point was less sanity than familiarity - I don't know that many of us qualify in *either* category ... :)
Maybe it's "magical" thinking but I do like to think Joss would be comfortable with Whedonesque-types bringing a familiar/comfortable, yet respectful vibe to his sets. But then, maybe we'd all freak and turn into Joss every time he meets Bernadette Peters, so I guess it's about 50/50.
Shapenew: I think the point was less sanity than familiarity - I don't know that many of us qualify in *either* category ... :)

Welcome to Fantasyland, where we have Our Own Private Interpretations of Everything Joss Says, thankyouverymuch.

Joss obviously needs us all on set, pixilated as he is.

(Oh, yeah, Pointy, I like Clarissa Saunders even better than Babe Bennett, if possible...)
WHEDONesque field trip to the Avengers set!

While watching this interview, I had a sudden realization that Joss was directing The Avengers. I mean, I knew it before obviously, but I think I have since become almost complacent in the knowledge. Something in this interview made me really giddy about the whole affair again.

Also, I think that shirt Joss wore at SDCC should be a meme by now.
I would totally be on board the WHEDONesque field trip bus to the Avengers set, but I'm thinking that Joss is only really lonely for Favro (and possibly his wife). BTW who is Favro?
John Favro (sic), director of Iron Man 1 and 2 (as well as Swingers)? I dunno.

The Avengers is gonna be soooooooooooo super-good (not pretentious-great).
Jon Favreau. He directed Iron Man (and played Hap) besides other things.
I like my spelling better.
Perhaps the Mutant Enemy diaspora will mysteriously discover pressing business to attend to down Cleveland way.

ETA Cleveland is getting to in the movie.

ETfurtherA Thank you, QuoterGal and FloralBonnet , for sharing the Jean Arthur love! To strong woman character actors of the 1930s--hear hear!

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It's too bad we'll never get the Mutant Enemy end-of-credits logo, with RDJ (in a dry voice) saying the "Grrr, arrgh".

It's too bad we'll never get the Mutant Enemy end-of-credits logo, with RDJ (in a dry voice) saying the "Grrr, arrgh".
OneTeV | August 10, 13:44 CET

Or too bad we didn't get a crude drawing of River slaying the Mutant Enemy mascot...or Chiwetel Ejiofor sinfully emoting the "Grrr! Arggh!"...for Serenity. Would have been epic IMO, but I guess ME is a TV only production company.

Oh magnificent purple one, I know your pulchritudinous perfection has its flaws, but I remain convinced that you could craft a truly phenomenal She-Hulk given half a chance. I'm not saying you have to marry the notion, but after having to shelve Wonder Woman I hope you'll at least give it slightly more than idle thought. If more slavering devotion would help, you're the only reason I'm seeing The Avengers. And even if it wouldn't help, you're still the one.

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