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August 09 2011

The Avengers panel at D23 2011 confirmed. The Disney's D23 Expo runs August 19-21 at the Anaheim Convention Center. On Saturday, August 20th, The Avengers will be part of the films presented. Kevin Feige and cast members from The Avengers will be present at the presentation.

It was rumored that this is why Marvel and other big Disney movies like The Muppets, John Carter, Disney/Pixar's Brave and other big upcoming Disney films sat out of Hall H at Comic Con a few weeks ago. So they could save the big presentations and panels for Disney's own convention.

Anyone know what day? I don't particularly want to end up showing up and learning all about Hannah Montana and not the best movie ever.
10.30am PDT on the 20th.
I doubt if they will ever get close to the 100,000 plus people who throng to SDCC. But I do hope that the Joss Whedon (er, will Joss be at the Avenger's panel? They only mention actors) panel will be recorded!
SDCC's attendance currently set over 130,000. However, Hall H has room for only 6,500 people.

Still there's so much news and announcements coming out of SDCC, that it's hard to keep track of everything. It might benefit Marvel & Disney to have their news come out at their own conference.

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