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August 10 2011

(SPOILER) A review of Dollhouse: Epitaphs #2. The issue came out today in comic book shops and Comics Bulletin gave it 4 1/2 bullets out of 5 saying "Overall, it was a really great issue, even by Dollhouse standards."

Cliff Richards' art seems totally different when you compare his Dollhouse pencils to his recent DC work. Perhaps it's the inker?

So far I'm not fully engaged with these characters yet. I'm not a big Alpha fan like some people so I'm not really digging his story (except for the part at the end). Hopefully issue 3 will bring the return of a familiar face or two!
Echo's face on the next cover is an exciting development.

I enjoyed this issue. Surprisingly, Rossum had the tech-pocalypse planned out, which I would have thought would be difficult. I predict Directive Four will be pretty awesome.

Alpha's story in this issue was really good though. And I appreciated the Ivys' interest in self(s) preservation.

English grammar really wasn't created for that last sentence.
Well I am a big Alpha fan, and this is an amazing issue in that regard. It is disappointing that so few people posted about this comic; is it that no one is reading it or that others (like me) just had a hard time getting ahold of it?

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