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August 11 2011

The thirteen most hilarious moments in Angel. That's according to one writer at

Is he kidding? How can there be a list of the funniest moments in Angel without mentioning anything from 'Spin the bottle'?
All 13 moments can come from that one episode.
I was just going to post the same thing.

Two of my least favorite episodes (Harm's Way and The Girl in Question) are on this list. I don't think it was just the timing of The Girl in Question that I disliked in its inaugural run--although that was a big issue for me, as for so many others--I still cannot watch the episode without groaning.
really anything performance-related Angel tries to do (pun absolutely intended)
I do not think that word means what you think it means.
"Spin the Bottle" may be funny but it's not enough to take over a list. Then again, these lists are different for everyone so in the end it shouldn't matter much (but it seems to anyway). The vast majority of moments on the list are pretty good since they are widespread a bit. I wouldn't list the episodes "Harm's Way" or "The Girl In Question" on there simply because it was supposed to be funny moments, not funny episodes. Parts of those are funny, but it was silly to just stick those on there as a whole.

Few of mine:

Angel jumping into the wrong car in the middle of a rescue.

Doyle's reaction to Cordelia's nasty apartment, and her reaction to his "trying" on one of her bras.

Angel pretending to be a goofy fan of a Rat Pack-inspired vampire "Jay-Don".

Cordelia digging herself into a deeper and deeper hole trying to convince a girl she's attractive enough to be a prostitute.

The gang being scared off by Lorne's decapitated, yet still talking, head.

Marcus Roscoe as Angel.

Angelus using Angel's being a fan of Barry Manilow as a reason to keep beating him up.

The camel in the Wolfram & Hart lobby.

Those are a few of mine and I'm betting few, if any would make someone else's list since I'm sure none of us finds the same things to be funny That'd be pretty boring anyway. None of them are particularly big, and the list could be longer. To each their own.
My list would've easily included Cordy and Wes pretending to be Buffy and Angel in "Fredless."
I didn't mean I would make a list of made only of moments from Spin the bottle. But I would find at least one. It just seemed weird that he put two episodes that are made to be funny but not that one.
I liked Harm's way a lot, but I only liked The Girl in Question for the Illyria/Fred parts.
Obviously every person will have his favorites. One of mine would have to be "Do we have a Jepeto in the building?"
Oh and probably Lilah dressing up like Fred.
I thought it was a pretty good list, it included a lot of things that I would have, but I definitely have to agree with urkonn about "Spin the Bottle" (especially when Fred asks if anyone has any weed!) and NL197 about him jumping in the wrong car in the first episode.

Also, I would have included any scene in which Angel sings or discusses "Mandy".
We can all agree, however, that Spike doing the voice-over well and truly belongs on the list, right?

I see we have no dissenters. Excellent. Moving on...
Now I have to watch the series again.
"Illyria, you don't care about any of this, right?"
"The intricacies of your fates are meaningless."

Yeah, Illyria was absolutely hilarious. =P (Might've gotten Spike's line incorrect there, but hey, paraphrasing.)
Some of my favorites are completely serious & in-character for the situation... except the situations (and usually the characters) are completely crazy:
"Has it ever occurred to you that now might not be the best time for when-we-were-muck stories?"
"Don't know if you know this, but I killed my mum. Actually, I'd already killed her, and then she tried to shag me."
I agree that many things from "Spin the Bottle" should be on the list. I also agree that Spike's rooftop monologue remains spectabulously funny.
Love all the suggestions already, I'm seconding:
- Wes and Cordy acting out Angel and Buffy for Fred's benefit.
- Spike laughing at Angel being a puppet/Lorne looking for puppet repair
- Gunn getting excited about the artistry ballet (and the deleted scene with Wesley *dancing* ballet)

And definitely the list is missing some Spin the Bottle action: Wesley fumbling with his pop-out swords, Angel running back in, scared by the metal demons outside, and Cordy deciding this is all about her hair.

For karaoke, 'We Are the Champions' is good, as is Fred choosing 'Crazy' of her own accord, but the funniest for me was Connor and Angel singing 'Mandy' (extra funny because it's both a little touching and also horribly creepy, especially with Angel in a yellow!shirt).

And for Cordy moments, love Angel winning back her love with clothes.
In the Italy episode, don't they run into these Fish Gangsters (or, gangsters with fish heads?). I know I can't be imagining this. While all the usual scenes are very funny, so are the offbeat, for me.
I agree with a lot of these. I will add the "Who doesn't love Denzel" line and Gunn wondering why some may have a Xena phobia. Cause he thinks she's kind of fly. Those lines have always made me chuckle. Not real long moments, but funny none the less
Angel being all nervous about wearing a ladies' motorcycle helmet, being called "gorgeous" by Wesley, and later on fooling a vampire who had this 'how you doin'?' smile on his face just as Angel was removing the helmet in "First Impressions". Love it.
The rooftop monolog is a given.
"Quickly, to the Angel-mobile, away!"

I also want to add this:
Angel: "What happened?"
Spike: "I can explain. Apparently, when Percy here was younger, he used to be known as 'head boy'."
Anagel: "Yeah. I already knew that."
Spike: "Right. I have nothing else to report."
Spike bringing beer to his meeting with Angel always makes me laugh.
I was going to mention that one too, Simon. Angel and Spike comforting Wesley in Lineage is always a crack-up. I would have to put the cavemen vs. astronauts exchange on the list too; the delivery and Wesley's reaction were hilarious.
Wesley: "I think we're winning!"

"You have reached Ritual Sacrifice. For goats press one, or say 'goats.' To sacrifice a loved one or pet, press the pound key."
Love that ritual sacrifice one, have to add Angel's reaction to his hair when he looks in the mirror in Pylea.
My favorite funny moment - Cordelia dancing:
"He's always had a thing for those 'Aliens' movies. Except for that last one they made - I think he dozed off."

Spin the Bottle is hilarious throughout and is really lacking from this list, but I'm all for the other suggestions. I particular enjoy Guise will be Guise. I've only seen Season 5 once, so can't really comment on Harm's Way and The Girl In Question, but I certainly don't remember the latter one being as bad as I was lead to believe.
Sneaking back in after a long absence to express my indignation over the "cavemen or astronauts?" exchange being left out, including Wesley's reaction.

But my very favorite is Angel trying to use his phone in Convictions ("You have reached ritual sacrifice .....". In fact a good deal of the dialog in that ep is hilarious, vintage Joss.

Also sharing the Spin the Bottle love. :)
- Lots of things from the episode 'Disharmony,' but if I had to narrow it down to one thing, it would be the scene where Harmony is getting on Wesley's last nerve, including ripping out a page from an old book to put her gum in, and telling him 'It's not like I ruined a new one' when he tells her how ancient the book was.

- Darla breaking her water all over the back seat in...I don't remember, is it 'Lullaby?'

- General Cordelia funniness when she stays with Angel in the episode 'Room w/ a Vu,' including cutting up his linoleum floor...

And yes, many, many moments in 'Spin the Bottle.'
Illyria: "Your body warms. This one is lusting after me."
Connor: [stammers] "I guess I've always had a thing for older women."
Angel: [under breath] "They were supposed to fix that!"

Also Cordelia's half of the conversation she has with Willow in Disharmony and Willow and Wesley comparing how "dark" their characters got.

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