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August 11 2011

Alan Tudyk on Tucker & Dale, Firefly, and other things. It's mostly about Tucker & Dale, but has Alan's latest thoughts on whether or not anything Firefly could ever happen again.

I don't remember him talking about a prequel before but I like the idea.
I think that the problem of them looking older now would be completely solved if they did a Firefly Animated film. There's no rule that voice overs have to be done solo. Many actors prefer to do them together to enhance the acting. Just sayin'.
Alan doesn't look any older - he's fitter than ever. Our good captain may have packed on a few middle age pounds, but that could be explained by having Mal eat a lot of chocolate and whipped cream at the start of a film. Maybe in a situation involving Inara.
Why would Mal be in a chocolate and whipped cream situation with Inara in a prequel?
Make it a middle-quel.
They could always CGI the actors to make them look younger. It didn't stand out at all in X-Men 3, oh no.
In the end, I don't think any fans would care if the actors looked older, because it would mean MORE FIREFLY.

I think the only reason there's so much prequel/midquel talk is because no one wants to face the possibility of Firefly sans Wash/Alan and Book/Ron.
I love Alan. Such a joyful and hope-filled man!
Personally, I'll take any Serenifly in any form I can get it. Movie, Animated, TV, Books, Comics. With Book and Wash, or moving on without them.... we need more of the Sereniverse! There are storis that need toi be told.

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