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August 11 2011

A Joss Whedon story. David Rhodes tells of his experiences of being a Buffy extra on the final day of the filming of the show.

Awesome. And so weird so many years on to still be getting new stories from people.
I thought it was fab too, I love reading stuff like this.
This was great. Sounds completely like I'd think Joss would be like to inadvertently meet.
So they shot that scene from Empty places on the last day. Interesting... what an amazing thing to be a part of.
:) On a slightly different note, I've been an extra on shows I didn't watch at all... I totally see how that can happen. Great story.
Just lovely. :-)
Being an extra on Buffy makes a great story by itself but the added bit with Joss is great.
That gave me a little lift for the end of my day.
Thank you, Simon, for finding and posting this. It is really something special. I wish I lived in LA.
It reminds me of that scene in "The Gift," when the vampire doesn't know or recognize Buffy, and she comments on it. Sorta an interesting book end to that scene, given that "The Gift" written as an end, and was, in a way, an end to the series (on its original network, if nothing else). So, fast forward a couple of years, and Joss is unrecognized by the day player on the last day... Cool.
This is kinda sweet. It reminds me of the stand-alone issue in season 8, "The Chain," where we hear the unnamed Buffy decoy's story (except we know this guy's name, and he didn't die at the end). Just the idea of someone on the sidelines who really doesn't matter in the "big picture" at hand, whether it's the show or the fictional story itself, but who ends up mattering a whole lot (a Slayer posing as Buffy that becomes pivotal in taking down that underground demon; an extra who may not be that important on his own, but without those extras, the show would be incomplete). I like that concept. And to think that both Dave and the unnamed Slayer end up meeting/talking with people in the Big Leagues (Rona, Joss himself) kinda makes it connect for me. And we don't know this extra's life story but he's still going, still doing his thing; we don't have to remember him; we don't even know his name (though we do); but he does. =)

Maybe I'm just being a silly English major but that's what it reminded me of. =)
Waterkeeper511, there's no such thing as a silly English major.

...then again, I'm one myself, so I might be a bit biased. :D
You've got it wrong, ALL English majors are silly :), else they'd go nuts being surrounded by folks abusing the language.
Hey all, thanks for your kind remarks and thank you Simon for posting that link!

My traffic spiked *ahem* about a thousand-fold in the last few hours so I followed it back and voila, here you all are. I'll take this opportunity to clarify a few things..

First of all, they seldom tell extras what's going on. Usually it's just "stand here and then walk in that direction when they yell action." You don't often get the details, and the rumor-mill goes into overdrive as a result. You'll hear all kinds of interesting stories from other people hanging out in the "background holding area," some of which are even true.

That being said, I'd heard that this was the final scene to be shot for the whole series. I can't vouch for the veracity of it though, and now I wonder why it was so far from the end if it was the last scene shot. I doubt they had that much in the can; when these shows are in production the turnaround time is usually a month and a half from the day of shooting to air date. So, I don't know. Also, it's been a number of years and brain-cells since that day.

The meeting with Joss happened as I depicted, and I looked him up online when I got home that evening. Yeah, I felt kind of silly since I claimed to be a Buffy fan at the time. My wife gave me grief over it.. "You met JOSS? What did you say?" "Uh, nice weather we're having."

I've been thinking of writing a book about my time on the sets because as an extra you get to work on a variety of projects in a short amount of time. I got to be involved with everything from sitcoms to episodic television to feature length films. The popularity of this story among Whedon fans tells me that maybe I'd have something if I just buckled down and got it done.

I lament that I only have one other "Whedonesqe" story that ties into Joss very loosely, and that's a chance encounter with Morena Baccarin while walking my dogs. That encounter is posted here ~ ~ I never worked on a Whedon project after that day on the Buffy set, as I'd left the area in 2004. Maybe someday again, who knows?
I blew that link, sorry. Here it is all neatly packaged..

We Are Of Peace, Always. Now Hand Over Your Dogs
From what I hear the people who lived nearby knew exactly what was happening on that lot. I think they complained about the parking a lot, plus you could see Sunnydale Main St from the road outside.

I think from now on Joss should have a team of scantily dressed slaves throwing rose petals in front of him wherever he walks, just to make it clear to everyone he isn't an extra. I think that's clearly the logical thing to do.
Well, the union extras got scantily dressed slaves so that wouldn't work. They got to be first in line, were paid twice as much, featured more AND had slave girls.. I would have eventually made SAG if I'd stuck around.
From what I've read about Joss, I have a feeling he was intentionally standing there with the idea of chatting with whatever extra he bumped up against, in hopes of generating a story just like this one, whether it was ever publicized or not. He seems to think in such a "bardic fashion."

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