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August 12 2011

TNT renews Christian Kane's "Leverage" for a fifth season. It got a 15 episode order.

Good deal, though I am sad to say that it's been far less consistent this season :\. In any case, I'll be excited to have it back again, especially with In Plain Sight bowing out after next season.
I bowed out of watching Leverage last season after something so ridiculous that it violated even its own mostly light and breezy summer entertainment vibe. But, presuming it's staying here, this is good news for Portland.
Just curious, what did you find ridiculous, b!x?
Eliot's warehouse shootout, where every single one of the bad guys who just spent 15 minutes trying to kill him conveniently stop shooting at him when he comes out from behind the crates that were protecting him from their bullets. I mean, I'm okay with light and breezy, but don't outright insult me.

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2011-08-13 04:27 ]
Felt the same way about the 'kill box' scene b!X, and it really disappointed me. I know the show is campy and you're not supposed to take it seriously, and I love the characters/cast, but I haven't been able to enjoy the show like I used to because it really jumped the shark for me in that moment and I am no longer able to suspend my disbelief for it ever.
b!x-Well, okay, I gotta give you that one. That was a bit of an overkill. But the slide was cool!

I still like the show. It's a fun watch and I don't have to think over it afterward or analyze every little thing. :)
I agree that one scene was way over-the-top, but the rest of the season was solid. (Plus the season had a guest shot by Lisa Foiles, so it combined some of my geekdoms into one show.)

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