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August 12 2011

The Geek Bucket List. "Accept Joss Whedon as your dear and fluffy lord."

A fun fandom list, Joss-heavy of course.

#54 is rather clever.

...Aaaaand it's immediately topped by #59.
I've already done #17.
I would just settle for 33.
Just did #23, but why didn't the list include mocking "Green Lantern" into oblivion with a guy named Mike and his two 'bots?
Or become an Active and implant yourself with the TV savvy of Brandon Tartikoff as the only way to keep sci-fi in SyFy?
I thought Fillion was our dear and fluffy lord. Joss is my master. Kinda now.
#10 I was very annoyed when IDW called vol 8(or was it 7) of the main series for vol 1 and then kept going, so I guess I can cross this off. I don't imagine I would like a re-boot of the Buffy comics more than the idea of a Buffy re-boot, with or without Joss. I also hated IDW and Darkhorse not cooperating, making it seem like the series all of a sudden existed in different universes (the vampires goes public thing didn't work well when one considered that Angel got famous before Harmony).

#This id defintly on my list. I will be using action figures, a camera and photoshop.

#17 Is this a mandatory part for Buffy-fans? Because I didn't like Dollhouse...

#26. Does daydreaming that scenario count?

#73. I might have tried a version of it.

#78. Again, does daydreaming count? Btw, I convinced him to let the kittens go.
#17 is doable but could hurt.
Still worth it though. Asssssss youuuuuuuu wishhhhhhh.....

On that not I would add dueling someone and just before you loose switch the sword to your right hand and announce "I'm not really left handed."

As for Whedon related I would be satisfied with doing reserch with the scoobies.
I was surprised by how many of those I not only understood but desperately now want to do.
I was surprised by how many of these I couldn't care less about doing. Not only is #34 pretty fracking creepy but since when is Clarissa Explains It All or Bill Cosby anything to do with being a geek? Sorry, its late, I'm British, I'm not a guy...some things are lost on me.

I guess sometimes odd=geeky. If a interest seems unusual, it can be called geeky. Or obbssessed-with-any-popculture-story=geeky.
If anyone ever succeeds in making Seth Green taller, revenge against that person is going on my bucket list. Some hotties are meant to be short, pal.
Hahaha, make Seth Green taller. I totally agree, he would be, like, a bajillion times better looking than he already is.
Argh! I missed so much, X-Files, Evil Dead, Green Lantern, Masters of the Universe. I've shamed myself and my family, that said thanks for the words, hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed stealing it from various other outlets*

Also, Bill Cosby isn't a classic geek but he is all about pudding so he made the list.

*A jest, I assure you.
As for Seth Green: He is a pocket sized geek God but I imagine he would rule the ever loving world were he able to reach things off the top shelf.
I enjoyed it, but I would have enjoyed it more with some of (unless I missed some of these):

Alias, A Song of Ice & Fire, Babylon 5, Battle of The Planets, Brisco County Jr., Chuck, Farscape, G.I. Joe, Ice Pirates, Jeremiah, Quantum Leap, Robotech, Star Blazers, Transformers, and Veronica Mars.
Sorry, this (as cklever and well-done as it is) basically amounts to a list of "Super-powers I'd Like to Have," so it leaves me cold*. A list of things that could actually be done might be interesting....

*"Taj Mahal? Nah, don't like tombs."
#21. "Introduce the Predator to Reggae" made me snorfle mightily.
Definitely with Kairos on revenging against anyone who tallifies Seth Green. When he finally someday rules the world he'll have plenty of people to get things off the top shelf for him :o)

I've gotta add saying "Oh boy" right after every time you realize what a new crazy situation you're in.
Risch22 You mean like... "Have my own personal hologram tuned to the neurons and mesons of my optic and otic nerves"?
My additions to the list:

1. Ride in a DeLorean Time Machine - the upgraded version that turns garbage into fuel. I want to use it to eliminate the time line where Greedo shoots first, Jabba is revealed pre-Jedi, and there are pointless CGI cutesy wildlife all defiling the sacred film.

2. Become a Hong Kong Cavelier.

3. I guess if you want to get quasi-realistic... I'd like to see the Earth from outer space and maybe walk on the moon.

4. Travel at warp speed on a cruise around the universe.

5. Vacation at Bilbo's house (the large sized set) before moving onto vacationing at Rivendell and Lothlorien. (You know, if it was like a boutique hotel chain.)

6. Book passage on Serenity and get to eat a meal with the full complement of nine.

7. Heck, eat a meal with Joss (without having to pay $10,000. ;-) and Neil Gaiman where we get to talk about Story.

8. Pet a tribble.

9. Master The Matrix.

10. Acquire my own Bat-belt. Oh! And shoes with hidden compartments in the heels.
I tried greenlighting Serenity 2, but my letters to Universal always come back "not at this address."

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