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August 12 2011

(SPOILER) Preview of Angel and Faith #1. There's three pages we haven't seen before. The issue is out at the end of the month.

First look at that new slayer character.With all the preview pages that have come out,it feels like I've read most of the issue

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And so it begins! Looks promising.
I will go out on a limb and say that Faith will be turned into a vampire by the end of the series and that the fourth interior page is foreshadowing this.
We know this isn't the first pages, isn't the first one supposed to feature Giles'?
Wow. That is a limb! I...hope not. Personally. But anything is possible.

This looks great, I love it. I was initially resistant, but actually, I'm excited about the new Slayer characters. Should be fun!

I'm intrigued by the part where Angel says, "that was a different world." Does he feel that everything is different now? In what ways? What does it mean for who he is? I mean, I assume that's the main focus of this series, in a way--though I hope we get plenty of Faith's inner life as well--but what form will it take? It'll be interesting to see and find out more...
Simon, that idea was originally how I'd predicted Buffy would end up when the TV series ended, although with Buffy not Faith. I thought her being "dead" was the only way to undo the chain of events caused by her having been resurrected, and they'd cheat it by making her undead instead. In my head, I kept seeing Buffy the Vampire Slayer changed to Buffy the Vampire/Slayer.
I love that Faith's continuing her mission to help troubled Slayers, even without Giles. I'm really excited for this story. Loving the art, as well ... I like the sense of movement in the action scenes, and I'm really liking the way she draws Faith: everything looks right: expressions, mannerisms, and clothing choices.
This has gotten me so excited. The art is great! The dialogue is pretty fun so far. It feels like Faith, not so sure on Angel but I have a feeling it'll grow on me.
I really like it! The art is great, and Faith is as amazing as ever. I thought Angel mocking his murder of Giles was a bit OOC, but maybe there's some issues with Angel's mind right now. And to me, it feels like we've been thrown into the middle of everything so sudden and soon. Are these the very first pages? If so, I think it should have maybe taken the time to explain a bit more. Maybe it'll do that later on in the issue...
I don't want to see vamp Faith, they already got me worried about that when she was bitten by Angelus in Angel season 4. Plus, we've done the vamp thing with Gun already. I once thought it intriguing though to see the effects of a slayer being vamped, but they played with that a bit in Fray

I do love Angel's character evolution. He's gotten darker and darker with each season and he seems to have reached a new level yet again. There's something scary about him now that I saw in that preview

I love seeing Faith interacting with other slayers. I've gotten tired of Buffy always being the one interacting with slayers when Faith just has more natural chemistry with them....and people in general really. Faith just connects with people in a way Buffy often struggles with. That's a key difference between them

Interesting thought about Giles, if there were some other reality where the Jenny thing had never happened, I feel like he and Angel could have made a good team. Angel + Ripper Giles would have made for an interesting duo. There could have been so many interesting interactions between those two that we'll never get to see.
Hmm, still not sure if I'm going to go out and actually buy this, I'm interested in Faith's continuing story but not so much Angel.

And can they please get someone who can write an English character without making them sound like a twat? "Coppers"? Who says that?! There's more accents in the UK than just bad cockney and uber posh.
Faith's expression when Nadira has her pinned is perfect perfect. Their interaction was nice, too. Still feeling good about this series.
I'm in for the long haul with this series---I wonder what it will feel like and how it'll compare to Season 9.
Fred_Sonja I'm pretty sure we haven't seen the first few pages yet, since at the top of the 1st interior page we catch the end of some dialogue from the previous pages.

Personally, I'm excited about Season 9 and Angel and Faith. Joss and co. seemed to have learned from Season 8 and I'm glad S9 and A&F will be much smaller in scope and more character-driven than Epic-Twilight-Universe-driven.

Like Brierly i'm in for the long run. Can't wait for the S9 previews.
Honestly, I admire Mutant Enemy/Dark Horse "Buffy" writers -- I'd have long since given up even bothering trying to include characters or settings outside of the US. Where's their upside to bothering?
I really love how this story is going, there was always a connection between Faith and Angel. Expect to see some gray pour out in this relatationship. Looking forward to it.

Did I mentioned that this' a great story?
I hope the destruction of AtS is worth it...
So looking forward to this...and it even has (a much grottier version of) my neighbourhood, Brixton, in it! Hooray!
Simon-I have noted your prediction and will remember it. :) I looked at the panel but didn't see what would lead you to that conclusion.

b!x-See, this is what I was talking about on the Leverage thread. Here we are, analyzing every little thing in a comic book, the same way we did BtVS and Angel. I don't have to do that with Leverage. *G*
I am really looking forward to this series, but what's with the bobble-head Faith on the Georges Jeanty cover? Very strange looking.
Looking forward to reading it even tho I don't take the comics seriously anymore.
This new slayer with issues looks good, plus she blames chavs for everything, she is made of win right now! Can't wait!
Bobble-headed Faith? Goodness, that's just so wrong in everyway I can think. What will they do next?
What I'm looking forward to is the honesty we will see in this series. Faith has a way of making certain people really allow themselves to be who they really are around her(we saw this with Gigi and Giles). Plus, I like that she's always shown a vulnerability with Angel that I've not see her show other characters. We may see sides of both characters in this series we're not used to seeing
The series with enough survivor's guilt for everyone to have seconds! I like it.
I'm waiting for Connor, Gunn, etc (other AtS characters to show up)
Well and will guest in issue . So more to come after that?
I'm going to say this and then be silent on the issue, the London is not too far off of real London, but still a bit out. Brixton is not a graffiti strewn unsafe dump any more (they should have gone with Peckham or worse or something). But I could pick at this for hours, if the story's good, I won't care.
I like this Nadira character already. Perhaps she has some issues but mostly I think she is angry. Not at anyone in particular, just angry and a little defensive. Being angry is not automatically an issue. The old “pretend to be happy like the rest of us or we’ll think you’re strange, “ or “talk about it obsessively like a properly extroverted person would” is always cute but not necessarily the best advice. It is especially galling to an introvert because I see how extroverts often lack emotional intelligence and empathy. Sometimes it is better to work through the emotions and understand them before dumping them back into the world.

Faith is still cool, though. She obviously has been around a couple of bends and knows some things. Her leadership skills may have improved under Buffy’s great cause last season, but now what? Here she is verging on being a bit of a well-meaning brat.

And we knew already that Angel is winding down the twilight delusion with some difficulty. While Faith found her internal anchor last season, Angel just completely lost his and that is not a pleasant experience to recover from. What he means by “a different world” is that when you lose yourself for real the world is not the same place anymore. And not just in a metaphysical sense. Because to have friends or anything worthwhile to say you must first understand some things about who you are and your place in the world. I expect Angel will continue to struggle with that, but probably not as much as he should.

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