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August 12 2011

Sing Along with Dr. Horrible by Joebot. The artist who did "River Tam and the Fireflies" creates a design based on Dr. Horrible.

While getting Felicia's autograph at WizardWorld con in Chicago, she noticed my River Tam and the Fireflies shirt and said the artist had recently made a similar one for Dr Horrible.

I'm gonna wait for the T-shirt.
I used the Firefly one as wallpaper for one terminal at work. I'm gonna use Dr. Horrible on another one.
I wear my River Tam and the Fireflies shirt all the time. I might have to get this one too, it's so cute.
Keep an eye on for this shirt in the near future :) I'll update this once I have an actual date.
Man, I need to add some 'verse related goodies to my etsy shop.

Oh, wait. I do.

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I like the style, but Penny just looks like River with red hair.
I love the Evil League of Records logo. Nice detail! But I admit, I'm most interested in the "Free PhD in Horribleness" that's included. That's gotta look impressive on a resume. ; )
Not sure who'll see this comment, but the shirt is available on now.

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