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August 13 2011

Tonight on Syfy - Jewel Staite stars in 'Doomsday Prophecy'. There's an interview with Jewel and her fellow lead A.J. Buckley about the movie over at Blastr.

The coolest thing about this so far is that Jewel's husband, Matty, is in it. I didn't know he was in the cast.
Really? I'm the only one who watched it?
Well it is a Syfy movie.
Oh a Saturday night scifi movie with Jewel--I can forget all my troubles for a while
for got to ask--who did Matty play?
Matty played a grad student who worked for Jewel's character (a professor).
I tried looking on YouTube for the trailer, but it isn't there. And the trailer link on the Syfy page doesn't exist either.
Matty played a grad student who worked for Jewel's character (a professor).

IrrationaliTV | August 14, 19:00 CET

Well....I could note the sheer gold that could be derived from that comment, but I won't. Cuz it would probably warp some fragile minds around here.


Still, even if it's a Sci-Fi Channel (not using the current asinine spelling) TV movie, I'm glad Jewel gets to be a kickass leading lady!
Trailer at I have no words, except I love Jewel no matter what.
Oh, it wasn't any good (in case anyone thought I was trying to defend it). :)

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