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August 13 2011

10 comic book bad guys gone good. One of our vampires with a soul makes the list at #5.

That's a bit of a stretch, since he wasn't ever bad in the comics, just in the flashback/past stories.
Not to mention he's not really what I would consider a "comic book character" since the character was created in a different medium, television.
Yeah, that spot should have been taken by Vargen from Bamse. Wait, what?
There were lots of comic books in which Spike was bad. Most of the early Dark horse ones as a matter of fact.
It'd be nice if they knew how to spell Drusilla's name...

I never said he wasn't bad, but I didn wrongly assume that he was just bad in past/flashback stories(like the Spike&Dru stories). I forgot about the early Darkhorse ones that was published "in time" with the show (when he was soulless).

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