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August 14 2011

Hitfix's early look at the pilot of Sarah Michelle Gellar's new series 'Ringer'. Spoiler-free, but mostly negative.

I'm not surprised... I sort of got this impression from the trailers myself, although they were good trailers--if only because of their composition. I should mention that the first trailer was truly captivating (and perhaps that much more deceiving), the one that used Right Where It Belongs by Nine Inch Nails as the theme.

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To put things in perspective, the author of this review has very very high standards and actually seems to like very few shows. The Ringer pilot screener does need work but it has tons of potential.
Haven't seen the pilot, but from all the clips I've seen I can definitely see what he's saying. Let's hope for the best though. I've read a decent amount of positive reviews for the Ringer pilot too.
Well I can't say that I am happy to hear this.

Though, he did say that he ended up enjoying "2 Broke Girls" so I really don't know if I will take what he says into consideration.

But honestly, I am just happy to have SMG back on my television every week and that is enough to keep me watching for a while.
I took a peek at Hitfix's early look at New Girl , and was amused by this:
It's going to sound like a weird comparison, but "New Girl" is like FOX's sitcom equivalent of ABC's "Castle." When "Castle" first premiered, ABC was making a simple contract with viewers: If you find Nathan Fillion charming and promise to ask *nothing* else of a quirky crime procedural, we can promise you 44 minutes of Nathan Fillion being charming EVERY week. ["Castle" has become a bit more than that, thanks to Stana Katic, but that's still the basic backdrop of each episode, three seasons later.] With "New Girl," FOX is making an equally simple contract: If you find Zooey Deschanel utterly and completely irresistible and demand little more to a single-camera comedy beyond Zooey Deschanel's particular brand of twee majesty, we can offer you 22 minutes every week.

I would love to see a show where Nathan Fillion and Zooey Deschanel were charming and irresistible together!

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Only if Zooey was being charming and Nathan was being twee.
I am sad to see the negative review but it isn't that shocking. I'm hoping for the best but I'm not expecting it to be an amazing show. I really like this particular critic, so I am afraid I may not like the show.
To put things in perspective, the author of this review has very very high standards and actually seems to like very few shows.

Then again, consider how few freshman tv shows turn out to be decent post premier...

And I think he nailed it about what was bugging me about the earlier trailer/previews - Telemundo!

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If you usually agree with Feinberg then this probably won't be the show for you and you really shouldn't bother. I'm not expecting it to set the world on fire but on the strength of the cast I'm willing to see where the show is after 5-6 eps. I dropped The Event, The Cape and V even though I adored the cast when those shows became too god awful to watch. But then shows I absolutely love like Fringe, Vampire Diaries, and True Blood had horrible pilots and I'm so glad I stayed with them. :)
I know for a fact that I will fall in complete love with this show, and i'm not going to let someone's negative review change my opinion. I've seen other reviews of the pilot too which actually struggled to leave negative feedback as everything seemed to be working, so I guess it's all down to personal preference.
I get the impression that Sarah Michelle Gellar isn't given good advice. I can't think of anything she's appeared in that I've liked, other than Buffy - and everyone she knew told her that would be a flop.
daylight, isn't SMG a grown adult woman? Why would her choices be made on "bad advice?" I would think she is choosing her own projects and making her own decisions based on what she thinks is right for her and for her family. I see her as the primary decision maker and not at the whims of mysterious others pulling strings. YMMV.
I was being generous.

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